Astrotec LYRA6 HiFi Dynamic Headphones Triple-Driver Supra-Aural Earphones

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  • Easy to drive low impedance
  • High performance moving coil unit
  • High-density modular design without rules marbles
  • To empty the filter module and miniature sound guide tube



Easy to drive low impedance
Adapted to the market most audio players and headphones

High performance moving coil unit
Transducer performance using 15mm moving coil unit, to ensure its high quality sound and movement in output

360-degree surround stereo sound chamber architecture
Special three-dimensional 360-degree surround sound chamber design architecture that can effectively attenuate acoustic resonant cavity after generation, and improve the effective acoustic radiation area, allowing high school low tri-band sound more natural and sweet

High-density modular design without rules marbles
Tail embedded high density without rules marbles module designed to filter and suppress Shengbi refraction, reduce resonance, more features miniature internal sound guide tube to expand the effective area of the sound chamber, increasing its scope and density of the sound field

To empty the filter module and miniature sound guide tube
After not embedded filter module and miniature sound guide tube, all this gives an ear LYRA this unprecedented natural sound field and its loose and airy three-frequency hearing sense

All shell components are used the most sophisticated technology in the industry and refined, ultra surprise touch texture and details of the deal, it makes LYRA like an elaborately carved work of art

High-quality wire
Special materials crafted wire, with texture and layering crystal clear, high-purity wire core to ensure that it has excellent audio signal transmission performance

The proper way to wear
Correct posture is wearing a metal rod roll forward, do not touch the ears, correct posture makes you more comfortable to wear

Astrotec Aspen Tsui LYRA6:
Product Type: dynamic headphones
Wearing styles: ear, earbud
Functional use: HIFI headphones
Unit Diameter: 15.2MM
Frequency response: 12HZ-23000HZ
Products impedance; 32 ohm
Sensitivity: 108DB
Maximum power: 10MW
Headphone plug: 3.5MM plug, line type
Cable length: 1.2 m

Earphone * 1
Manual * 1
Warranty card * 1

Customer Questions & Answers


What is the warranty period for the Astatec Lyra Ear buds

3/12/16 5:19 PM Asked.

Hi,We offer one year warranty .Thank you.

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