DUNU TITAN 5 Titanium Diaphragm Dynamic High Fidelity HiFi Inner-ear Earphone

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  • Utilizes a wide 13mm titanium diaphragm
  • High power handling dynamic driver for its exceptional clarity
  • Fast transient, deep reaching bass, sweet and emotional vocal



Already awarded the Hi-Res AUDIO certification, Titan 5 utilizes a 13mm diameter singer dynamic transducer with titanium diaphragm for its excellent transient and clarity as well as ability to handle high input power. Bass has good quantity and deep reach. Mid-range has clean and sweet vocal. High-range is smooth and detailed. By combining an analytical presentation, wide soundstage, accurate imaging, and well defined layering, Titan 5’s live like performance will make music much more enjoyable.

Stainless steel polishing process, interchangeable cable jack design

The ear piece housing is made out of stainless steel, CNC’ed triple-polished to an elegant and durable finish. With the use of common connector, it will not only allow cable replacement, but also cable upgrade. A variety of high quality accessories are also included, combining form and function that is both and practical that will meet every music lover individual’s need.

Large dynamic acoustic performance

Wide sound range, can enjoy all kinds of listening, music, podcasts, video, games, etc.

Nano Titanium crystal film unit

The “Hi-Res Audio ”certified Titan 5 earphone utilizes a wide 13mm titanium diaphragm, high power handling drier for its exceptional clarity, fast transient, deep reaching bass, sweet and emotional vocal, as well as the delicate and smooth treble extension. With its detailed and precise sound reproduction, wide and natural soundstage, and life-like imaging, music listening will become ever more enjoyable.

Meticulous tough wire

High purity OFC wire core can improve audio resolution, has good flexibility, reduce auscultation effect, high temperature resistance, not easy to winding.


Model No: TITAN 5

Type: Dynamic(13mm)

Frequency response: 10Hz-40KHz

Impedance: 32Ω

Plug size: 3.5mm Gold-plated

Cord length: 1.2m

Weight: 24g



DUNU TITAN5 Earphone

6 pairs of silicone eartips

3.5-6.5mm converter

Shirt clip

Fitting rubber

Carrying case

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