Sony XBA-Z5 Balanced Armature In-Ear Earphones Hybrid 3-Way Closed-Back System Headphones

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  • Hybrid 3-way driver units
  • Upgrade your headphones
  • Natural, balanced Hi-Res sound
  • Dual armatures for smooth audio


Hybrid, 3-way, In-Ear Headphones
A direct result of the relentless pursuit for personal audio excellence, XBA-Z5 Hi-Res, in-ear headphones deliver exceptional, spacious, and natural sound: deep bass, radiant mids, and notable vocal clarity. Exotic dynamic driver technology paired with cutting-edge Linear Drive Balanced Armatures deliver rich, dynamic, Hi-Res sound


Natural, balanced Hi-Res sound.
The result of a relentless pursuit for personal audio excellence, XBA-Z5 Hi-Res, in-ear headphones deliver exceptional, spacious, and natural sound: deep bass, radiant mids, and notable vocal clarity. Exotic, dynamic-driver technology paired with cutting-edge, Linear Drive Balanced Armatures deliver rich, dynamic, high-resolution sound.

Hybrid 3-way driver units
Take 16mm dynamic driver units with ALCP (exceptional, lifelike, and balanced sound) and add cutting-edge Balanced Armature technology (full-range + HD super tweeter = broad frequency response with notable vocal clarity) for an in-ear audio experience delivering faithful frequency response with all the musical emotion and detail.

A thick, hard candy shell…
An ultra-lightweight, compact, and rigid magnesium housing provides the necessary rigidity and vibration suppression for smooth frequency response and clear sound reproduction.

Dynamic driver unit with ALCP for rich, deep bass
Rigid, yet responsive Aluminum-Coated Liquid Crystal Polymer film diaphragms provide the needed rigidity and internal loss for accurate, rich, and distortion-free bass response.

Dual armatures for smooth audio
An all-new, Linear Drive armature utilizes a symmetrical design for enhanced movement (physical symmetry) and heightened mid-range waveform reproduction, while a specially-developed Magnesium Super Tweeter paired with a specially-developed film capacitor, provides crystal-clear, ultra high frequency, Hi-Res audio response.

Balanced Audio Capable
As is the case with your dad’s stereo, take advantage of dedicated left and right channel audio connectivity for a stellar listening experience via reduced separation loss. Simply plug-into a compatible, balanced audio capable amplifier (PHA-3 for example) for pure, unadulterated sound.

Custom fit, just for you
Improved fit not only results in increased comfort, but also significantly lower sound leakage levels, both in or out, giving you uninterrupted access to your music. Supplied Hybrid silicone earbuds, (S, M, L), maximize overall sound quality and comfort, while supplied Noise isolation earbuds (SS, S, M, L) provide increased ambient noise reduction. Special pliable silicone-covered ear hangers using special shape memory resin round out the package, providing additional stability.

Upgrade your headphones
Elevate an already outstanding listening experience to new levels via high-grade cables. High-performance wire paired with precision hardware facilitates the high-resolution, noise-free delivery of your favorite good-vibrations to your ears. Two models are available to suit: on-the-go (MUC-M12SM1) or balanced audio listening styles (MUC-M20BL1). Consult your retailer for further information.



Brand: Sony
Maximum input: 100mW
Type: clip (Canal), stereo / mono: stereo, structure: sealed, noise canceling: non-
Surround: non-compliant, wireless: non-correspondence, interface: mini plug
Frequency Response: 3 - 40,000Hz
Sensitivity: 107dB/mW
Impedance (at 1 kHz) : 32 Ω
Maximum input: 100mW
Driver Unit: Hybrid 3-way System: 16mm Dynamic + 2 X Balanced Armature
Diaphragm: Aluminum-coated Liquid Crystal Polymer
Cable: 1.2m detachable Silver-coated OFC Litz Wire Y-Type cable
2m detachable Silver-coated OFC Litz Wire Balance Connection cable
Plug: Gold-plated L-shaped Stereo Mini; Gold-plated 3-pole Mini  
Weight: Approx 11g


XBA-Z5 Earphone * 1
Clip * 1
Carrying Case * 1
Cable Adjuster * 1
Headphone Cable * 1
Balance-Connected Headset * 1
Foamed Silicone Earbuds * 6 (S / M / L each 2)
Hybrid Silicone Rubber Earbuds * 8 (SS/S/M/L each 2)

Customer Questions & Answers


Olá qual o prazo para entrega para esse fone aqui no Brasil? e quanto ele fica aproximadamente para o real? ele tem a opção de atender chamadas pelo fone? fico no aguardo

12/13/14 11:12 PM Asked.

Vai custar cerca de um mês para o Brasil. O Natal está chegando, então talvez seja atrasar vários dias,. Sim, ele é o autorizado. Ele não tem microfone e qualquer Calbe microfone. Então, eu não posso chamar por telefone. Obrigado.    It will cost about 1 month to Brazil. Christmas is coming, so maybe it will be delay serveral days. Yes, it is the authorized. It don't have Microphone and any Microphone Calbe. So, it can't call by phone. Thanks.    

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