SYUN MIX1 HiFi High Performance professional In-Ear Earphones

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  • Unique cavity, lead to higher quality
  • Ergonomic high-performance microphones
  • Personalized wire design, the sound is more fidelity
  • Ear noise design, human noise reduction technology

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As China's new headphone brand, SYUN adhering doing fine, took two years in principle does not change with the flow of investment of nearly ten million from the package, into the cavity, unit, are strongly in all aspects of the wire to achieve the ultimate.


Innovative Designs
MIX1 subversive designs, materials and colors with highlights professional and noble

Alone breathable long, so the sound is more pure
Due to the presence of the cavity breathable long and will air for the second quarter of vibration diaphragm squeeze, stretch to make the sound softer.

Unique cavity, lead to higher quality
Breakthrough of the three band equalizer cavity to maximize long to make your eardrums listen not tired.

Perfect Sound
Ear noise design, human noise reduction technology
Into the design to better isolate the outside interference, noise filtering, so pure music slowly into your ears heart.

Engineering Desgin
Ergonomic high-performance microphones, allowing the operator firmer, clearer calls.
MXI1-wire unique ergonomic, easy to operate, high-performance chips only perfectly compatible with Android phones and all kinds of audio equipment, mobile phone calls to make crystal-clear sound.

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Personalized wire design, so the sound is more fidelity.
MIX1 TPE using high carbon tensile wire, mid-range and plug personality to let you put it down.

Brand: SYUN
Model: Mix-1
Wearing style: In-Ear
Headphone Type: Wired
Plug Diameter: 3.5mm
Headphone plug type: straight type
Headphone output audio: HiFi
Cable length: 1.3m
Sensitivity: 120db
Impedance: 32 Ohms
Frequency range: 50HZ-20kHZ

Three Steps to Burn Out Good Sound Quality

Repeat: first with the white noise burn, volume smaller than normal volume of songs, middle intermittent loop, the total time of about 20 hours.

Soft Music: pink noise burn again, the same volume of laughter, there is pause to rest, circulation pot full 10 hours can be.

Lossless Format: Choose your favorite music, soft music began much as possible, recycling gradual choose another genre, with a normal volume to listen, knowing that the sound quality becomes smooth burning away.

Please Note:
1 Different headphones open burning time indefinite, the standard of 100-200 hours, that he could hear the satisfaction on it.
2 Please note that the headset to rest halfway to protect parts.
3 Turn down the volume, otherwise the diaphragm can not afford to be hurt.
4. Recommend the use of high-quality music burn.

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