Dawnwood GT-36 in ear HIFI earphones

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  • Metal,double material back cavity.
  • GT-36 use innovative plastic+.
  • Variable compound diaphragm.
  • High precision Acoustics Damping


Plastic + Metal,double material back cavity.
Different material has different sound reflection and absorption,and it will bring different sound taste and space feeling.
Plastic is soft and lacked strength,Metal is tough but easy to stimulate.

GT-36 use innovative plastic+
Metal material double resonance back cavity structure.
Through the acoustic calculation precision.
The headphones sound field is much better than similar products.
Acquiring acoustic sound experience like using speakers.


Variable compound diaphragm
Earphone diaphragm is the most important part of voice restortion.
The earphone will have a good performance when different frequency is with different diaphragm
It will have analog feture and good analysis.

High precision Acoustics Damping +total internal reflection gasket
The two functions of Acoustics Damping:
1.Balance pressure
2.To be one part of the resonance chamber
Makes sound more clear


High quality OFC makes bass full and makes intermediate frequency warm and thick.
and Kevlar bulletproof fiber
enhance the strength of the earphone cable.

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