DUNU DK-4001 DK4001 4 Knowles BA+1DD Hybrid technology HIFI earplugs Sports Wired In-Ear Headphones with MMCX Detachable Cable

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  • Accurate and exquisite full frequency performance
  • Beryllium diaphragm dynamic driver
  • Knowles balanced armature driver
  • Air charging loop system -A.C.I.S
  • FeaturePatented self-locking quick replaceable plug
  • Single crystal copper and pure silver mixed braided cable





BA and Dynamic driver Hybrid system, precise low-frequency control technology, with sophisticated parts, brings you uncompromising sound level.

Accurate and exquisite full frequency performance:


Hybrid system, high performance of 13mm beryllium diaphragm dynamic, with 4 high frequency/ ultra-high frequency balanced armature drivers.


Beryllium diaphragm dynamic driver:


The newly developed beryllium diaphragm dynamic driver, with a diameter of 13mm, brings accurate low-frequency reduction and rich medium-frequency details, allowing players to experience unprecedented extremely low-frequency response and strong acoustic performance.


Knowles balanced armature driver:


Four Knowles currently high-end high-frequency and ultra-high frequency balanced armature drivers achieved accurate high-frequency and ultra-high frequency reduction, greatly improve the density of audio and ultra-high frequency, and show natural and exquisite sound.


Zirconium alloy liquid metal:


The precision machined of liquid zirconium alloy cavity can greatly reduce the weight of the cavity, but at the same time, the strength of the cavity reaches three times of stainless steel to effectively suppress harmonic resonance, and the acoustic performance is outstanding.


Air charging loop system -A.C.I.S:


The unique A.C.I.S in the back cavity, together with excellent performance 13mm beryllium diaphragm dynamic driver, makes the low-frequency diving and sense feeling more excellent. Creating infinite possibilities in a limited space has always been the pursuit of Dunu engineers.


FeaturePatented self-locking quick replaceable plug:


Dk-4001 headphone wire rod is designed with self-locking quick replaceable plug, which has both high appearance level and reliability. Four plugs (3.5mm single end /2.5mm balanced /4.4mm balanced / 3.5pro balanced) comprehensive consideration of the mainstream Walkman balance standard, convenient for players to adapt to a variety of players.


Single crystal copper and pure silver mixed braided cable:


Dk-4001 is equipped with high-purity Furukawa Single crystal copper and pure silver braided cable, which can reduce transmission loss and ensure sound quality. The wire is wrapped with a single crystal copper shielding layer to isolate external electromagnetic interference, makes the sound background cleaner, escorts music signal transmission.


Comfortable wearing experience:

Application lightweight materials, with ergonomically-designed shape, comfortable to wear, wear for a long time is not tired, suitable for listening for a long time.


Hand-made leather case:

Selected the goatskin, it is soft leather, handmade, exquisite and unique, reasonable volume, convenient storage.


Customize the SpinFit earbuds:


Dk-4001 comes with customized SpinFit eartips, optimized for multi-driver earphone design, comfortable to wear, soft sound.


Practical and abundant accessories:


Dk-4001 packaging is equipped with a variety of practical and rich accessories, leather case, custom eartips, nameplate, Aircraft plug, cleaning tools, everything, to meet the needs of the user.



Model: DK4001
Driver: beryllium diaphragm dynamic driver and 4 Knowles balanced armature
Impedance: 32 Ω
The dB value: 112 dB @ 1 KHZ
Frequency response: 5Hz-40k Hz
THD: < 0.3% @ 1 KHZ
Connector: MMCX expansion pin
Cable: single crystal copper& pure silver mixed
Cable length: about 1.2m
Net weight: about 12g


DK4001 Earphone
Plug *4
Aircraft plug
6.35 plug
Cleaning brush
SpinFit silicone eartips L/M/S*2
Gray silicone eartips L/M/S*2
T500 foam *2
Leather case

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