Fanmusic T-007 HiFi Fever 3.5mm Inear Earphone

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  • Intelligent spacE induction treatment
  • Can achieve very good sound quality
  • Full metal sound tuning coil technology
  • Internal circuit optimization and perfect drive match



Seven Unique Innovation Destination makes super high sound quality and perfect technology.


1.Unique full metal, full closure of large cavity design, the unique front and rear double membrane, use the principles of aerodynamics for moving-coil voices in metal magnetic cavity formed pushing each other mutual extrusion, achieves the overall sound more mellow rich emotion, to upgrade to class HiFi audio music super rock bass texture.

2.Unique dual metal ferrule, use a special resistant to signal interference coating process, thus there is not the signal interference problems from outside, far away from " cheep, cheep" signal to interference noise, but also makes a pure music world, let us enjoy the wonderful music tour.

3.Unique passive noise reduction and sound isolation function, compared to the general ear headphones blocking outside noise performance 70%. On the absence of music, put the headphones into the ear can feel passive noise reduction has good sound insulation effect, combined with external acoustic isolation function, can obstruct outside the background noise and can ensure the normal language of communication communication ( noise isolation and noise ). Of course, in a noisy environment hear music ,you also can enjoy the pure music.

Note:Banned in the riding, driving, high-risk operations when wearing headphones to listen to music, or reduce in the noisy downtown street wearing headphones to listen to music

4.Unique internal circuit optimization and perfect drive match, without deliberately boiler earphone sound, can achieve very good sound quality.

5.Unique intelligent spacing induction treatment, will not only high sensitivity, low impedance of common low noise solution to many, even in peacetime in stethoscope overcomes many disadvantages. Low noise with stethoscope processing isolation effect market than the same parameters of headphones to about 60%. Intelligent sound distance sensing processing further strengthening of the ear protection, because through intelligent spacing induction, the earphone can infer the acoustic and the eardrum distance, take more to the ear squeeze more hear earphone sound, more crowded headset speaker is not sound, until the resumption of normal headphones and eardrum distance to recover normal headphones sound.

The original tone spacing induction treatment will automatically determine the music of intermediate frequency, thereby strengthening and closer distance voice and ears, let people show more most incisive, even everyone can feel some vocals singing lips change.

6.Unique full metal sound tuning coil technology, high, low, in each band can be individually strengthen, almost to meet a variety of listening to the sense of taste. At the same time 3 on different frequency bands can be tuned circle also fully demonstrated the utility of the headset, Tuning coil scientific design also reflects the extremely fine simulation and manufacture process, the frequency tuning coil tail hole size have strict calculation, the frequency of acoustic cotton film density and thickness are made strictly.


the use of audio quality: APE  WAV FLAC  MP3 320K

compatitable:intelligent, music mobile phone ,MP3 ,MP4. MP5 ,music amplifier tone and so on

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