Magus Origin-C Active Noise Canceling In-Ear Earphones with Microphone

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  • High performance earphone
  • Make sure communication clearly
  • Educe ear pressure and comfortable to wear
  • Can be used with phone, PC, MP3、MP3、MP4 etc

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Magus is from Shenzhen Academy of Aerospace Technology to create an independent civilian headset brands. Shenzhen Academy of Aerospace Technology in 2000 by
the China Aerospace Science and Technology Group , the Shenzhen Municipal Government and the Harbin Institute of Technology tripartite co-founded , as the hospital 's
core departments of Shenzhen Airlines , noise reduction technology center with Chinese aerospace engineering advantages and technical background , relying on the
domestic first-class research platform, a number of aerospace technology to decrypt .

Excellent noise reduction technology to break the monopoly of foreign technology , not only used in the aerospace field , and also founded the civilian headset brand
Magus. Since October 2013 , noise reduction technology center launched active noise reduction headsets and other music tech products, allowing users to feel more at ease
and comfortable to enjoy music and sustained effort. Magus is the only natural use of " China Aerospace " logo headphone brand, is the only way to control the core
technology of high-performance active noise reduction headsets Chinese brand , of course, it is also the only one with professional qualifications noise canceling
headphones brand to Chinese astronauts .

2014 , MAGUS will soon launch its first musical ear active noise reduction headsets - Origin C, C is the City ( city ) in the first letter , taking into account the needs of
enthusiasts out there everyday street use , Origin-C as specifically for enthusiasts daily needs to create portable headphones. It 's lightweight and portable to make people
anywhere away from the hustle and bustle , bring joy, health and enjoyment of life .

Origin-C earphone’s inspiration comes from the young dancers which love music。No matter you are walking , travelling , or across the downtown area, Origin-C provides
HiFi music to satisfy your ear. It’s soft and easy taken, pretend you far away from the noise , bring you happiness , make you enjoy your healthy life.


Can be used with phone, PC, MP3、MP3、MP4 etc
The atmospheric hue,Named by City、which manifest urban fashion
High performance earphone, which educe ear pressure , comfortable to wear
The control panel insert the Teco. chip,easily open the communication and N.C. function
Global origination listening and speaking two-way A.N.C design , Microphone intelligent voice separation , to make sure communication clearly


Brand: Magus
Model: Origin-C
Type: Ear Wired Headset
Frequency range: 20-20KHz
Impedance: 32 ohms
Sensitivity: 118dB/mW
The maximum noise margin: 29dB
Noise Bandwidth: 20-3000Hz
Rated voltage: 3.7V
Battery life: Approximately20 Hous
Audio cable: Approximately 1.2m
Main Material: ABS / PC
Weight: Approximately 23g

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