TTPOD T2 Triple-Driver Hybrid 2 Balanced Armature+Dynamic IEMS In-Ear Earphones / Headphones

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  • Create standard
  • Lossless transmission
  • Benchmark configuration
  • Reconstruction of the division



T2 is not only good sound
T2 is unprecedented nice ring iron mixed-ear headphones, which is so good, would be arbitrary to provide you with the most incisive musical reduction effect.

Change complexity to Simplicity
Throughout the balance of the perfect combination of aesthetics and acoustics, not only to enhance all aspects of the pursuit, but the idea of implementing the user the ultimate experience to play entirely, today, will it be possible to reach unprecedented heights.

Monster sound
Use of the world's top devices, each band perfect presentation are integrated into the imagination of engineers, flexible ideas, all finely crafted, fine grinding, no party has an outstanding sound than today.

 5 Breakthrough
Pixel-level parsing; dynamic sense of three-dimensional images; divergent spherical sound field; class

Benchmark configuration
T2 will cause them to re-construct the iron circle Stunning, the world's iron unit matches the new development of broadband balanced blend of iron unit (PA7801) and nano-diaphragm moving coil unit, not just a simple match, but the structure a new hearing revolution.

Unit 3: ED-29689 iron unit
        TA7801 iron unit
        10MM nanometer dynamic

Reconstruction of the division
Carefully tuned crossover line-based architecture 3-band energy evenly distributed, providing a strong driving force in positioning, imaging and transient, resolving power, layering the various aspects of quality and ease.

Flagship Standard: 1/1000 error

Lossless transmission
Lossless transmission is essential to ensure that the signal, and other similar products, we will HIFI spirit elevated to another level, we can do is to express our sincerity truthfully as possible. Silver plated oxygen-free copper wire 80 branch.

Deliberate on every cavity acoustic radiation to scrutiny verify uncompromising reinvent the wheel, which lasted 300 days, have just the right performance today

Cavity design simulation 36 times

Personalized definition
3 kinds of different styles of headphones sets, allowing you to hear the music, the moment alive

Three kinds of styles: classical jazz style; DJ pop style; ACG metal style

Create standard
Meaning not just good acoustics curve parameters, they used to test each and every aspect of production material standards, 8-26KHZ broadband loud enough to create an unexpected field. Acoustic Curves: 8-26KHZ


Product Type: Multi-unit circle iron mixed-ear headphones
Impedance: 30 ohms
Sensitivity: 105dm @ 1KHZ
Frequency range: 8-26KHz
Plug Type: 3.5MM-line
Cable length: 1.25 m
Unit: ED-29689 iron unit + TA7801 iron unit + 10MM moving coil unit






TTPOD T2 earphone * 1
Accessories carry case * 1
Earhook for Earphone * 1 pair
Silicone eartips (DJ pop style) * 1 pair
Silicone eartips (ACG metal style) * 3 pair
Foam eartips (classical jazz style) * 1 pair

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When does the TTPOD T2 Pro version coming out?

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Yes, you can purchase it in my website now. Link:

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