Magus Origin 600 HiFi Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

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  • Ergonomic folding design
  • Removable and Colorful earmuff design
  • Integrated technology of ANC and LNC created by CASC
  • The world's top D.S.R super-quality audio output technology

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Best ANC R&D Center In China

MAGUS ANC R&D Center is applying to China’s aerospace industry and China’s military.

For civil use , Shenzhen Academy of Aerospace Technology creates MAGUS to share the technology and offer a superior listening experience in conditions that are normally hostile to audio reproduction, such as trains, airplanes, and busy urban areas.


Best ANC Headphone

MAGUS headphone, high-qualified active noise cancelling music headphone.
Created by Shenzhen Academy of Aerospace Technology’s ANC R&D Center, which is one of the subsidiaries of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation.

Financial and technical support comes from China’s Aerospace.--incomparable.
Integrated ANC and SRL technology --can not be imitated.
Impressive musical performance and noise cancelling performance --can not be ignored.


Two Key Technological innovations of MAGUS

ANC circuit design:
The challenges of ANC circuit scheme are to identify and pick up noise through microphone, then create a identical waveform with 180°phase shifted through speaker in microseconds.

Smart way to Computing:
To achieve best noise cancelling performance, millions of computing processes needs to be done through supercomputer. MAGUS finds a much more smart way to computing,. This new way of computing allows MAGUS to offer better listening experience, more noise cancellation and lighter weighted.


About Origin 600
There is nothing but MAGUS.
Lossless Noise Cancelling and Digital Signal Refinement
International top technology provides perfect feast like the mobile studio
Origin is the first products of MAGUS, its inspiration comes from the purity and truth of studio. Origin was designed for long-time wearing in daily occasions like subway, plaza, and restaurant. No matter when and where, Origin makes all users have a sense of immersive.


Frequency range: 20Hz-20KHz
Impedance: 32 ohms
Sensitivity: 115dB/mW
The maximum noise amplitude: 25dB
Noise Bandwidth: 20Hz-1KHz
Rated voltage: 3V
Battery life: About 95 hours
Cable Length: 1.5M
Main material: ABS/PC
Weight: 220g


The world's top D.S.R super-quality audio output technology
MAGUS features the world's top Digital Signal Refinement technology to fix the digital distortion, enhance the degree of sound wave separation, and then show you all the music.

Integrated technology of ANC and LNC created by CASC
Active noise cancelling and lossless noise cancelling are integrated to cancel the environmental noise without hurting the sound quality and to bring you pure、clear sound.

Removable and Colorful earmuff design
Removable and colorful earmuff design will help you to solve the aging、easy broken、cleaning problems. You can choose different earmuff size and different earmuff color to create your own unique headphone. MAGUS will offer you a chance to create your own unique headphone.

Ergonomic folding design
Excellent ergonomic folding design will give you comfortable wearing experience and free up your bag space.

Luxury Headset case
Lightweight and durable headset case will free your hand, ease your trip.

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