Sony MDR-Z7 High-Resolution Audio Headphones HD Driver Units Monitoring

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  • Hi-Res Stereo Headphones
  • Comfortable fit, powerful sound
  • Prepare for soothing sound reproduction
  • Precise and pure sound - from the very first note


Hi-Res Stereo Headphones.
MDR-Z7 headphones meld a solid, thoughtfully designed aluminum structure with lush, ergonomic, enfolding comfort, and ultra-responsive audio performance for a sound experience bar-none.



Precise and pure sound - from the very first note!
Drawing inspiration from a legacy of personal audio reproduction, Sony engineers have combined: a solid, thoughtfully designed aluminum structure with lush, ergonomic and enfolding comfort, and ultra-responsive high-resolution audio performance; in pursuit of extended listening sessions bar-none. Introducing the MDR-Z7 Hi-Res Stereo Headphone.


Prepare for soothing sound reproduction!
Lightweight and responsive, Aluminum-Coated Liquid Crystal Polymer driver units possess the necessary rigidity and internal loss to deliver linear, wideband frequency response ranging from sub-harmonic lows (4 Hz) to ultra-sonic highs (up to 100 kHz) for balanced and natural sound reproduction.


Wide, natural soundfield
As if you were listening to your favorite music without headphones. Unlike the smaller drivers found in other headphones, that create tight, spherical waveforms, 70 mm ALCP Film driver units deliver detailed, natural and pleasing planar sound waves with all the atmosphere of the original recording.


Silver-coated oxygen-free copper (OFC) cable ensures minimal signal transmission degradation for pure audio response at the driver. A unique 4-wire architecture further enhances the audio experience, with a separate ground and signal connection to each driver for enhanced separation, expanded sound and tight bass.


Balanced Audio Capable
As with a home stereo, for best performance, you generally connect the amplifier to a pair of speakers. For the ultimate headphone experience, similar dedicated left and right channel audio output is required. Simply connect the supplied Balanced Audio Cables to the headphones and plug into a compatible, balanced audio amplifier (PHA-3 for example) and prepare yourself for pure, unadulterated sound.


Comfortable fit, powerful sound
Pressure-relieving urethane cushions with 3D-sewn covers, wrap entirely around your ears for a comfortable acoustic seal and powerful bass response, while precise component machining, with the added placement of silicon rings around every moving axis, realizes smooth and silent earcup movement. In the end, you can expect an immersive listening experience.


Upgrade your cans
Elevate an already outstanding listening experience to new levels using cables engineered with Kimber Kable. Aesthetically-pleasing braided wire paired with
precision hardware facilitates the noise-free delivery of your favorite good vibrations to your ears. Three models are available to suit: on-the-go (MUC-B12SM1), at-home (MUC-B30UM1), or balanced audio listening styles (MUC-B20BL1). Consult your retailer for further information.


Type: Sealed dynamic type (ear cover type)
Driver unit: 70mm diameter dome type (CCAW voice coil)
Sensitivity: 102dB / mW
Magnet: Neodymium
Frequency Response: 4-100,000Hz
Impedance: 70Ω (at 1kHz)
Maximum input: 2000mW (IEC)
Cable: 3m Silver-coated OFC cable; 2m Silver-coated OFC BalancedConnection
The code type: Two-parallel
Input Plug: Gold-plated mini-plug straight
Weight: (without cord) about 335g


MDR-Z7 Headphone * 1
Headphone Cable * 1
Balance-Connected Headset * 1
Gold-Plated Dual-Use Adapter Plugs * 1

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