STAX SRS-5100 Earspeaker system (SR-L500+SRM-006t)Driver Unit

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  • Stainless steel electrode to the pronunciation unit.
  • New design with optimized Pafomensu.
  • New material HiFC cable.
  • Artificial leather ear pad of 10 stage adjustment mechanism.


Reproduction frequency band: 7 ~ 41,000Hz
Capacitance: 110pF (including cable)
Impedance: 145kΩ / 10kHz (including cable)
Sound pressure sensitivity: 101dB / 100V r.m.s.
Polarization voltage: 580V DC
Cable: special parallel 6 core wide low capacity HiFC total cable length 2.5m
           HiFC is a registered trademark of Hitachi Metals, Ltd..
Ear pads: Luxury artificial leather
Weight: (including attached cable) 465g, about 339g (body only)
Color: Black
Corresponding accessories (sold separately)
Ear speaker stand HPS-2
Protection cover CPC-1


Frequency characteristic: DC ~ 80KHz + 0, -3db
harmonic distortion rate: 0.01% or less /1KHz,100Vr.m.s when output
amplification degree: 60db (1000 times)
Rated input level:. 100mV / 100Vr.m Tsu output
maximum output voltage: 300Vr.m.s / 1KHz


High-quality non-magnetic resistance of audio grade adopted to change the circuit constant review the details to the main circuit components involved heavily on the sound quality, improve the further sound quality signal circuit is whole page hardwired-connection A class DC amplifier does not enter the coupling capacitor circuit configuration output stage is equipped with a 6FQ7 / 6CD7 of the high-voltage bi-triode equipped with a balanced input of the XLR terminal, equipped with a dual-axis 4-unit volume of custom-made.

Customer Questions & Answers


does the amp works with 230v ?

11/20/16 2:34 AM Asked.

Hi oren,of course, the amp can works with 230v.Thank you.

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