HIFI360 HF-DAC2 24Bit/192KHz Fever-Level DAC Decoder HiFi OPA2604 Headphone Amplifier

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  • 192k / 24bit decoding 
  • Analog output using OPA2604 op amp
  • USB sound card uses upgraded version of CM108 
  • CIRRUS digital receiver chip US companies CS8416



192k / 24bit decoding
CIRRUS digital receiver chip US companies CS8416 chip is currently the most widely used of a chip that supports sampling frequencies 24bit, 192khz decoding chip uses CS4398, this chip's performance is very good, a lot of foreign skills using the same paragraph chip D / A converter

DA and USB soundcard
USB sound card uses an upgraded version of CM108 is responsible for the digital conversion, and with working status indication digital reception and decoding part of Siemens, ELAN series capacitors, and with an independent and stable power supply

Headphone Amplifier
Using op amps + the power tubes (C1815,669,649) consisting of classic amp amplification driver circuit, the secondary circuit driving ability, the letter points noise ratio Dent Op amp using OPA2604, this op-amp ultra-low harmonic distortion, low noise, voice soft

Analog audio output
The analog output section uses OPA2604 as output amplification, using two Weimaraner as output coupling capacitors with delay output protection, maximum protection of the amplifier and speakersTwo output terminals, which can add two sound systems, to meet the needs of different occasions

Linear Power Supplies
Special 20W toroidal transformer, the transformer has a high conversion efficiency, low magnetic leakage, etc., for the machine to improve the strong power protection
7812 + 7805 with dual linear regulator, and with the ELAN two filter capacitor, so that the voltage purer, smaller difference between positive and negative voltage

Intelligent Control
MCU controlled using the machine input selection, signal searching, troubleshooting tips, audio output protection and other operations with no signal input automatic mute function, power, channel conversion volume fade, all the work status of automatic memory




Reason for choosing this Item
1. The whole line element carefully selected to ensure the quality of the premise
2. The plurality of sets of signal input mode to connect a total of more devices
3. With USB sound card feature, you can connect your computer directly to achieve
better sound quality
4. with the amp outputs to achieve a variety of needs
5. Analog output using OPA2604 op amp, other machines generally use ordinary 5532,
there is a big difference between the two voices
6. With MCU control, can achieve a more intelligent, which is not available to other
market functions similar machines
a. Enter the channel off the automatic memory
b. Enter the signal automatic search function
c. there is no signal input automatically when the noise function
d. When the input signal is unstable, panel lights automatically prompts
e. switch, when converting input channel sound with fade

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