HiFiDIY Breeze Audio K1 HiFi TPA3116D2 Mini 2.1 Channel Big Power Digital Amplifier

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  •  Can drive 3-16 ohm speakers
  • Mini digital amplifier with big power
  • Use chip TPA3116D2 as amplifier board 
  • 100W subwoofer left and right channel 50Wx2


P.S.: This is A HiFiDIY Product Produce by Mr. Weiliang from China

 Don't include external power supply (you can use the laptop power supply)

The TPA3116D2 amplifier board with two digital amplifier chip as the core, a left and right channel power amplifier to do, a bridge driver subwoofer, with small size, high efficiency, high power characteristics. Regardless of the cost of materials, capacitors Philips, Thomson, ruby. Taiwan producing high-quality potentiometers sealed, original TPA3116D2 chip, SMD chip devices, and so on. Board circuit is simple, reliable work. Operating voltage 12V-25V. Left and right channel output 50WX2, subwoofer output 100W, efficiency can reach above 90%, you can use the laptop switching power supply, but also very suitable for battery powered equipment, such as motorcycles, cars, electric cars, and so on. Compact board, use and installation are very flexible and convenient. All use genuine components using devices capable of long-term stability.

This digital amplifier board is fit for notebook switching power supplies and 12V-24V battery DC supply, suitable for both of household and automotive amplifiers, easy to use.


Power: 2X50W + 100W Subwoofer
Power: DC12-25V (outer diameter 5.5MM diameter of 2.1 Power Interface)
New professional high-power digital amplifier board 2.1 50W + 50W + 100W output using top red loop inductance.
Board Size: 83x100 (mm)
Dimensions: 90 * 108 * 35 (mm)
Potentiometer Features: Left is stereo volume control.
                                       Middle is subwoofer volume control.
                                       Right is total volume adjustment.


Bass adjustment gain independence.
The subwoofer at rated voltage 24V state can drive 2-16 ohm subwoofer.
Almost match any speakers on the market, you can achieve the best match by adjusting the state.
The left and right channel full-range output, at rated voltage 24V state can drive 3-16 ohm speakers.

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