HiFiDIY Breeze Audio Libra SE1 USB-SPDIF USD DAC / HiFi Sound Card / DAC + Head-Amp

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  • SA9023 + ES9023 powerful combination
  • Support WINXP WIN7 WIN8 other systems
  • All-aluminum chassis pull profiling process
  • Compact, easy to place, no external power supply


P.S.: This is A HiFiDIY Product Produce by Mr. Weiliang from China

Please burn 2-3 days, the sound will be a lot of delicate warmth

Libra Have 2 Versions

The First one is: SE1 (Black) use ES9023 + SA9023 program, specifically for SPIDERS amp or powered speakers and amplifier design.

The Second is: SE2 (Titanium Gray) use ES9023 + SA9023 + AD823X2 program, on the basis of the SE1 enhanced drive capability for low-impedance headphones, amp control knobs to increase, in order to drive low-impedance, this machine uses two AD823 than the average market similar products twice as high drive currents. (Now many mainstream one machine only uses an AD823, the driving force is obviously inadequate)

Libra SE2 program also adopted full CNC aircraft grade aluminum unibody chassis, the grade even thousand-level machine can not make this look

SE2 amp chip using fever top AD823, sound round and full, the overall sound field is expanding, warm tone color, dynamic good, high-frequency permeability, voice very comfortable, low-frequency dynamic big Listen to a relatively comfortable. (More than 4000 yuan Colorful C4 is done using AD823 headphones to enlarge)




Production costs by switching power supplies and the impact of computer motherboard, motherboard audio output signal to noise ratio is generally low, edgy sound, no sense of hierarchy, with an external DAC is necessary, nor is it necessarily is burned before buying. Download now very easy, some HD tunes are 24BIT 96KHZ,
PCM2706 this program has been unable to meet the low end, PCM2706 only support 16BIT 48K. This machine uses the SA9023 good low-end USB receiver program solves this problem.

Decoding part decodes the latest top US ESS9023 core, ES9023 is ESS's a 24bit stereo audio digital-analog converter chip (DAC) ,. Uses the industry advanced digital SABRE - analog conversion technology, this chip set the best sound quality, cost- effective all in one, making it an ideal choice for digital to analog conversion.

ES9023 internal use patented technology ultra line flow (Hyperstream) architecture and Time Domain Jitter technology, making it possible to achieve record levels of jitter-free sound quality, dynamic range up to 112dB. Better than the CS4398

SE1 : 68 * 87 * 32 (mm)
SE2 : 62 * 108 *30 (mm)



SA9023 + ES9023 powerful combination, the level of uncertainty, delicate, very good signal to noise ratio, low dive too many bits, enough to cope with mainstream high- definition and high-bit-rate MP3 WAM APE

All-aluminum chassis pull profiling process, the appearance outstripped price of the machine with a grade, gold-plated RCA terminals. RCA line outputs and 3.5 are on the board, you can also connect headphones to listen

Support WINXP WIN7 WIN8 other systems, without having to install special driver, plug and play, very convenient.

Specially designed large capacitance CLC filter circuit, even in the harshest working environments can achieve the highest signal to noise ratio.

Compact, easy to place, no external power supply

Customer Questions & Answers

C van Belle
C van Belle

Hello    Which OHM value should I have for your Se1 ?

3/20/16 10:36 AM Asked.

Hi Belle,This product has been discontinued.You can take a look at other productsThank you.

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Hello, I bought this product but it never worked. Windows 8 and 10 give error message "USB device not recognized". Is there a driver or other download I can use to fix the issue and make this unit work finally? It has never worked before. Thank you.

9/15/16 9:52 AM Asked.

Hi Marcus,    you can click this web to solve this problem:    http://www.online-tech-tips.com/computer-tips/usb-device-not-recognized/        Best Regards    Kerwin    Shenzhenaudio

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