HiFiDIY Breeze Audio SU1 Flagship AK4399 DAC XMOS USB-SPDIF USB Decoder

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  • Flagship DAC USB Decoder
  • Sound reduction is more realistic
  • AKM AK4399 flagship for DAC core
  • Support for 192K 32BIT master tape playback


P.S.: This is A HiFiDIY Product Produce by Mr. Weiliang from China


Brazze Audio SU1 all costs, and all with the top programs on the USB decoding mode, sampling I2S direct internal transport, use XMOS company's top chip BGA package U8 series, when ultra-low jitter, AKM AK4399 flagship for DAC core, AK4399 position is higher than the WM8741, PCM1794 is a high-end chip, with the LT1963, OPA2604AP other high-end integration, the perfect present a high-grade USB decoder. But the cost is extremely civilians.

Actual audition the sound field is very wide, timbre delicate nature, than many so-called multi-function interface DAC a few thousand dollars to a direct effect to the good, the perfect support for 192K 32BIT master tape playback.

The remaining materials are described, and other stores do not like scrawl article, described as a diamond stone coax layman. Materials on the picture are very high-end imported. Output terminals for the US CMC816

Materials and power supply is also doing very adequate, the digital part of the most expensive LT1963 with ultra low noise regulators, sound reduction is more realistic.

Very easy to use, with configurable USB to USB DAC to the computer's USB port, RCA output DAC connected to the back of the amplifier or powered speakers can be.


Equipment Type: Breeze AUDIO SU1 flagship DAC USB Decoder
DAC chip: AK4399
USB Audio: PCM 44.1 ~ 1924K (24 / 32bit)
Digital inputs: USB ONLY
Analog Output: RCA 2Vrms, SNR> 110dB, THD <0.0004%
Frequency Response: 10Hz ~ 40kHz (± 0.2dB)
Filtering Settings: PCM
AC: AC 110 ~ 120V or 220 ~ 240V (50 / 60Hz) *
Total power consumption: <15W
Weight: 1.3Kg
Color: Black
Dimension: 115 * 42 * 159(MM)
Shell Material: Aluminum alloy structure


SU1 DAC * 1
Silver-Plated USB Cable * 1
USA Standard Copper Power Cord * 1

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