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J.Feng Digital HDM-01D 32Bit SACD DSD Player Pure Digital Turnable

  • Internet network radio
  • Support Android device
  • Support wifi wireless networks
  • Support iPhone,iPod touch and iPad

P.S. 2 Version Remote Control: Standard Version (Free) and All-aluminum Verdion (25USD)
If you choose the All-aluminum Version, will just send this Remote Control not include Standard Version.

HD M - 01D can achieve all kinds of digital audio file format, and can play the 24Bit / 192KHz big rate of digital audio stream, because 24Bit / 192KHz digital mother with the volume of data CD than traditional data 5-8 times (a music CD usually only a number of documents with), so with the digital sound field, whether in dynamic and resolving power density, etc are far beyond the traditional CD quality.

This can work as a web server, and music centers of strong network functions, but also can connect to the Internet, and through the hard drive - NAS WI - FI/LAN to share/play other computer network of all kinds of resources. Additional, still can make use of the Internet radio stations, built-in list could hear global more than 10,000 digital Internet radio, as you can imagine, when in charge at home - can directly and hear the music world real-time or program is how comfortable a thing.



Main Function and Technical Characteristics:
Support WAV/WMA/in/FLAC/etc. Various mainstream digital audio format play and decoding,
Support 24B / 192K contour bitrate digital audio recording formats and play with the file formats,
Support in/FLAC/audio formats and related documents; the CUE broadcast
INTERNET network RADIO - have received more than 1.5 million worldwide RADIO,
Support RCA, XLR S/P DIF digital audio output interface,
Support 10/100Mbps cable networks, RJ - 45 interface,
Support wi - fi wireless networks,
Support two road, large capacity, external USB mobile hard disk



Media Controller
 8player:Support iPhone,iPod touch and iPad.
 Amediacontrol: Support Android device.
 Sitecom Media Controller: Support iPhone,iPod touch , iPad.


Frequency Response:10Hz-22KHz(-0.2db)
SNR:≥117dB([email protected]=48kHz)][email protected]=48kHz)
Dynamic Range:≥120dB([email protected]=48kHz)
JITTER:≦100PS(System jitter)≦120PS(External S/P DIF input)
Output Levels:2. 2V RMS
Input Voltage:AC 100~240V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption:≦30W
Dimension:290 * 230 * 85 mm
Net Weight: 4.5 kg


HDM-01D Player * 1
Power Cord * 1
HDM Series User Manual * 1
Standard Remote Control * 1




Standard Remote Control

All-aluminum Remote Control


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