J.Feng Digital HDM-03S 32Bit/384KHz CD SACD DSD Player (Simplified Version of HDM-03)

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  • ELNA capacitors used for Audio
  • Dual core 600Mhz CPU, 2GB Flash
  • Support PC-foobar control playback
  • Support 32bit/384k digital audio file playback


           P.S. 2 Version Remote Control: Standard Version (Free) and All-aluminum Verdion (25USD)
If you choose the All-aluminum Version, will just send this Remote Control not include Standard Version.


Digital mastering network music player streams center HDM-03S uses the current high-performance multimedia processor embedded CPU, DSP chip solutions and multimedia technology, combined with industrial-grade - digital phase-locked loop (DPLL) reference clock system, effectively reduce the digital audio signal transmission time base error, and thus able to achieve ultra-low Jitter index, and the audio codec software has been specifically optimized to handle large rate of speed 24Bit / 192KHz digital mastering audio streams that can support all digital music format. Due to the amount of data than traditional digital mastering data CD 5-8 times (usually a music CD discs can store a digital master files first), the digital mastering both in the sound field, density, dynamic and resolving power so far beyond the traditional CD quality.

Digital audio signals to analog conversion of D / A decoding processing part of the British Wolfson's flagship band decoder chip WM8741 digital filter (2), the chip is the sense of hearing is the best D / A chip can generate more than past, the traditional digital to analog converter for a more natural "analog feel" sound. At the same time reference circuit has been optimized British Wolfson factory engineers and school sonication, and Wolfson original test, the whole hard disk player SNR state reached 120dB (mono), and therefore for digital audio playback provides a very high quality assurance.


Dual core 600Mhz CPU, 2GB Flash;
Support 32bit/384k digital audio file playback;
Professional decoder and core calculating, all music formats supported;
Support Android phone / MID / Iphone / Ipad remote;
Support PC-foobar control playback;
High-performance dual-wm8741 independent decoding;
ELNA capacitors used for Audio;
Tailor-made Japanese crystal oscillator±1ppm【≤ ±0.2ppm】;
All Taiwan made Precision resistance;
Multi-level post regulator linear power supply;
Support for multiple end-user control of playback;
UPNP and DLNA media severs supported.





Media Controller
 8player:Support iPhone,iPod touch and iPad.
 Amediacontrol: Support Android device.
 Sitecom Media Controller: Support iPhone,iPod touch , iPad.


HDM-03S Player * 1
Power Cord * 1
HDM Series User Manual * 1
Standard Remote Control * 1


Standard Remote Control





All-aluminum Remote Control

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Hello!    Can I order a silver version of this unit? There is no choice at ordering. Thank you!    Best regards, Maxim

9/18/15 9:20 AM Asked.

Yes, of course you can. Thanks.

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Hello!    Can I order this one in silver?    Thank you very much!

9/21/15 6:13 AM Asked.

Yes, you can do it. Thanks.

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