La Figaro 339 Headphone Amplifier Tube Amplifier Pre-Amplifier

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Price: US$649.98
Pre-Order - Will be shipped about 2017-10-15 Worldwide Free Shipping
  • Have more strength in the bass
  • The structure of 339 is more reasonable
  • Giving an even better listening experience to the customer
  • It's the La Figaro version of the DarkVoice 337, but upgraded



The discussion of 339 on head-fi:


Technic Parameters:

Drive Impedance Ramge:32-600 Ohms

Frequency Response :10Hz-30kHz+/-1dB


Power Output:>0.6 Watt

Packaging size: 460mm(long)*385mm(wide)*320mm (high)

Product Size: 370mm(long)* 253mm (wide)*132mm(high)

(height including without tubes) 

Panel Size: 370mm(long)* 47mm(wide)*5mm(thickness)

Package Weight:11.000kg (24.25lb.)


A La Figaro 339 Head-AMP Unit 

A Power Cable

Customer Questions & Answers


What is the plate voltage of the 339?

4/27/16 10:25 PM Asked.

Hi Mark,we can ship the plate voltage that you need.Just order and tell me what plate voltage you need and we will ship.Thank you.

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john astley
john astley

hi I'm intrested in the lafigaro 339 in sliver can you tell me why the sliver model is $100 us dollers cheaper than the black model&do you have the sliver model in stock at the moment? thanks john

8/10/17 11:11 AM Asked.

Hi john,The black and silver version is same price.Thank you.

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john astley
john astley

hi why is the sliver lafigaro 339 $649.98 us dollers?and the black upgarde version $749.98 us dollers? and what does upgrade version mean?

8/14/17 10:38 AM Asked.

Hi John,Upgrade for the materials used are different, more warm, better resolution, drive HD800, PS1000, T1 is very good.Thank you.

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