LEAR FSM-01 Portable Headphone Amplifier for iphone/ipod

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  • Bring you a wonderful new experience
  • Absolutely stable and reliable performanc
  • Have a separate external power supply jack
  • Product is properly connected to music player

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EAR FSM-01 is a high-fidelity amplification of the input music to a portable headphone amplifier signals. 

This product is properly connected to your music player (such as CD/MD/MP3/MP4 or mobile phone, etc ...), in addition to greater overall output power, easy to drive from 16ohm to 300ohm impedance, earplugs or a variety of 
headphones, the music can also bring you a wonderful new experience. 

Built-in 3 (LO / MI / HI) gain adjustment, to facilitate users to select the most appropriate output mode. 

Carefully selected parts and good parts of the circuit design, LEAR FSM-01 is absolutely stable and reliable performance. 

Taking into account the needs of mobile users, we 3.5MM in FSM-01's headphone jack for hands-free wire to add support for headphones. So when you are using a speakerphone or a headset with remote control operation, and its function 
can be used normally. 

Pursuit of more power or stability for customers in power, LEAR FSM-01 also has a separate external power supply jack, can at any time from the DC 3V-5.5V corresponds to the external power supply. You can simply use the computer's USB-based products for 
electricity or charge, you can also design their own high-quality more than DC5.5V external power supply, built-in 3.7V lithium-based products break through the limitations, to drive the high impedance earbuds or headphones. 

Technical parameters: 

Frequency response: 1Hz-100kHz 

Output power: 130mW @ 16ohm 50mW @ 300ohm (internal battery) 

190mW @ 16ohm 75mW @ 300ohm (external DC5.5V) 

Signal to noise ratio: 95dB 

Distortion: 0.0004% 

Use time: about 25 hours or more 

Charging time: about 3 hours (DC5V 500mA) 

Power supply: DC 3V-5.5V 1000mA (max) 

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