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Little Dot MKIV MK4 JAN5654X2 Soviet 6H30EHX2 Headphone Tube Amplifier + Pre-Amplifier

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  • Allow use with a wider range of driver tube-rolling
  • Drive headphones whether are 32 ohms or 600 ohms easily
  • Flagship single-ended headphone amplifier/pre-amplifier in the Little Dot MK-series
  • Boasting a SEPP (OTL) in Class-A circuit design filled with high quality components

The Little Dot MK IV adds in user-tweaking options such as two gain switches to delivery maximum compatibility with all your headphones, regardless of impedance or sensitivity. Also available for the very first time in a Little Dot amplifier, is an internal jumper to allow use with a wider range of driver tube-rolling, including the EF92, CV131, WE403A/B, GE5654, M8100, CV4010, EF95, 6JI as well as all equivalents, derivatives, and direct replacements to these vacuum tubes!

Technical Specifications:

SEPP (Singled-ended Push Pull) OTL in Class-A
Frequency response: 10 hz~100 Khz (-1dB)
THD+N: 0.1% (100 mW @ 300 ohm)
Power Output:
500 mW @ 300/600 ohm
300 mW @ 120 ohm
100 mW @ 32 ohm
Power Consumption: 30W (228V x 0.133A)
Variable Gain: 3,4,5, or 10x
Recommended Load Impedance: 32 ohm~600 ohm
Input Impedance: 50K ohms
Pre-Amplifier Output Impedance: 600 ohms
Pre-Amplifier Gain: 3-10x (also controlled via gain switches)
Pre-Amplifier Voltage: 10V RMS
High quality aluminum chassis
Neutrik Headphone Jack (SE version only)
Weight: 3.5 Kg or 7.7 lbs
1 Year Little Dot Warranty (2 Year Little Dot Warranty for MK IV SE)
Available in either 120VAC or 220VAC


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Keandra Gwilliams
Jun 19, 2013 8:23:41 PM
LittleDot MK4 Amp is very good, good to push my dt880 250, the effecte upgrade obviously. Sound field opened, details increased, especially low frequency is stronger than before, the overall sound is thick, but not too thick
it is very worthy to buy one for yourself