Little Dot MT+ Vacuum Tube Headphone Amplifier 

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  • A hybrid headphone amplifier
  • Has distortion of less than 0.000003%
  • Has exceptional performacnce in hifi audio applications
  • Employs the miniature 6N16B-Q military tubes in a "SRPP" circuit design


The Little Dot Micro-Tube is a hybrid headphone amplifier, which combines the natural timnre of vacuum tubes to the detail and low distortion of solid-state amplification.

The Little Dot Micro-Tube employs the miniature 6N16B-Q military tubes in a "SRPP" circuit design for very low distortion and excellent National Semicond uctor operational amplifier LM4562. 

To protect the headphone from any possible harm,the Micro-Tube employs a sonically transparent intergrated upc1237A circuit, which will shunt off any anomalous over-voltage.


Volume: Host 150x108x30 (H) mm

Power: 145x105x70 (H) mm

Total: 1.6Kg (host + power adapter)

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