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Little Dot DAC-M 24Bit / 192KHz Mini Decoder + Amplifier

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  • Suitable for portable personal computer
  • Suitable for the DP_I decoding with balance amp
  • It sounds sweet and delicate and full of momentum
  • Top decoding chip WM8741 has high signal to noise ratio and isolation

This machine uses Wolfson Microelectronics that enjoyed a high reputation in the audio industry high performance:top decoding chip WM8741.This chip has high signal to noise ratio and isolation, so that the music details such as silk smooth, fine finish now.

DAC_M has three input choices:

1、Optical input:
Optical input uses a 3.5mm interface, using the random distribution of optical fiber line Unicom source fiber output.
In the playing ,please don't pull the fiber line, so as to avoid the loss of synchronization of digital audio signal generated noise.

2、Coaxial input:
This machine adopts the coaxial Mini socket, use rationing coaxial and audio RCA coaxial base connection.Coaxial input support 192Khz 24Bit sampling rate ( fiber and USB are not supported).

3、USB input
Use USB cable and PC butt joint, if the PC is WIN 7 can automatically identify switch; if XP system will close the sound card, select "USB AUDIO " equipment.

Technical Parameters:

The degree of distortion: < 0.01% ( 1000Hz )
Phase shift characteristic: -0.11
Frequency response: Machine: 20Hz - 20KHz -2.0 dB
Without distortion power : 32 Europe: 80mW
Stereo separation: > 70 dB ( 1KHz POWER OUTPUT )
Stereo balance: < 0.2 dB ( 1KHz POWER OUTPUT )
SNR: > 99 dB
Volume: 115x60x18 ( mm thickness )
Weight:0.19kg( net weight, containing lithium battery )


A Little Dot DAC-M Unit
A 3.5-3.5 optical fiber cable
A USB cable
Two 5 pin plugs
A 5V 1A Charger


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Jul 18, 2014 7:13:00 AM
Where can the 5/pin adaptor be baught?
Jul 18, 2014 7:13:00 AM
Hi, the package included two 5pin plug. You don't need to bought it again. Thanks

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Thosa Zywicki
Jun 19, 2013 6:30:57 PM
Many people give this product positive reviews, so after a long time consider, i buy one for myself, I prefect the black one than the sliver one.
It does not let me disappointed, work very well, smoothly. music sounds very difference after i use this dac.the quality also perfect and durable.
so i give it a highest comment, no one would suitable for you like it.