Luxury & Precision LP5 32Bit/192KHz DAC AK4414 Lossless DSD Music Player

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  • Digital part Murata X7R MLCC
  • 1812 A single crown amp chip
  • 6 layer 3U Immersion Gold PCB
  • Pure brass electromagnetic shield

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32BIT 192KHZ USB native soundcard and AK4414 four-channel DAC. AD1 app1614 power chip resistance 50 mOhm within, 6.3 3U Immersion Gold headset seat, 3.5 3U Immersion Gold closed headphone seat LINE OUT, which is a super wonderful work.

LP’S engineers to write their own software systems, which including the decoding of all files formats and all, so that the performance is maximized, the system is minimized.

Completely uncompromising on the product architecture, entirely including the creation of I2S width of 32BIT native 24 192 USB sound card chip.

Adjust the volume by independent volume potentiometer, rather than to attenuate the number of bits of DAC to ensure the small volume, the audio output performance. is also excellent

Multiple language selectable: Simplified Chinese, English ,Italian ,France ,Pulaski, Spanish,Portugal Netherlands Russian Svencks.

Front shell are aluminum-lithium alloy forged + CNC



The differemce between GOLD version and SILVER version


GOLD : champagne + rosewood (64G RAM)
SILVER: Silver + red shadow wood (32G RAM)


GOLD :high frequency part Polythioether SMD film capacitors
SILVER : high-frequency part of the Murata C0G MLCC

Crystal Oscillator

GOLD :Ultra Low Phase Noise XO is lower than 160 dB 0.3 picosecond jitter
SILVER: 1.5 picoseconds TCXO


GOLD :Analog portion uses alloy inductors 4.7UF 4040 can be over 4A current
SILVER: Analog portion uses Taiyo Yuden fully enclosed inductors 4.7UH 4040 resistance is less than 100 mOhm


GOLD :1812O Double Crown op amp
SILVER: 1812O single crown op amp






True 32BIT player
32BIT 192KHZ USB native soundcard
THD is 0.0015% when driving 32 ohm headphones
DAC: AK4414, sound reduction particularly accurate, digital flavor is not strong, 4414 was a wonderful work ,it’s a four-channel DAC, but the SNR (stereo when 123 dB) THD 107DB is a DAC which is the highest in overall performance in AKM

The world's lowest internal resistance ADI ADP1614 power chip resistance 50 mOhm within
6 layer 3U Immersion Gold PCB
ALPS PRO AUDIO series potentiometer
1812 A single crown amp chip
Digital part Murata X7R MLCC
Digital part Taiyo Yuden ultrahigh current fully enclosed magnetic inductor
6.3 3U Immersion Gold headset seat
3.5 3U Immersion Gold closed headphone seat LINE OUT

Power filtering section Murata X7S 100UF MLCC can be over 6 to 8A current ESR is about 2 milliohms
Pure brass electromagnetic shield
ALPS 50 million times long life touching button



LP5 player * 1
USB cable * 1
3.5mm to 6.5mm adapter * 1

Customer Questions & Answers


Does it play DSD.iso too?

7/18/16 9:04 AM Asked.

Hi Alex,Luxury & Precision LP5 can't play DSD.iso.Thank you.

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