MATRIX X-Hi Card Hi-Fi USB 3.0 PCIe Card

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  • Independent Data Channel.
  • High Quality Bus Power Supply.
  • External Power Supply Supported.
  • Superb Performance & Stylish Design.



Born For Hi-Fi

X-Hi USB interface is designed for increasing the USB audio quality of computer. It increased the data transport quality and reduced the power supply noise, which make changes to your PC Hi-Fi system from the source.


Independent Data Channel

X-Hi uses high precision clocks coordinate with USB 3.0 bridge chip from Texas Instruments, open up independent data channel for USB audio stream. It helps signal bypass the USB controller integrated in the motherboard, avoid sharing data channels with other USB devices.


High Quality Bus Power Supply

X-Hi integrated multiple filter units for USB power supply, uses solid capacitors and low noise high current LDO chips. Even if use the USB internal power supply, it also can effectively eliminate the high frequency noise caused by the PC switching power. The USB port can supply a maximum current at 5V/1.5A for all audio devices supplied by the USB port. and can prevent devices from over current or short circuit.


External Power Supply Supported

There are internal and external power supply available, you can choose these kinds of power supply on X-Hi by sliding the switch on the panel. You also can turn off the USB bus power supply for the devices which has independent power supply.


Superb Performance & Stylish Design

With four-layer PCB of high speed circuit design standard, strictly in according with high-speed circuit design specifications. The circuit meet the differential pair impedance standard and the equal line length demand. The CNC aluminum chassis prevent the radiated interference effectively, giving consideration to the heat dissipation requirements of the power supply chip on board.



USB Port Specs:

USB 3.0-Compliant xHCI Host Controller

PCIe x1 Gen2 Interface

One Downstream Port


Drivers Installation:

Drivers will installed automatically on Windows 8/8.1/10 system, or you can download it from the product page manually.

It's no need to install drivers on the mainstream version of OS based on Linux.



Power Supply Specs:

USB power supply output: MAX 5V/1500mA

External power supply: DC 9~12V,≥2000mA

Power supply port: outer diameter 5.5mm; inner diameter 2.1mm (+ for inner, - for outer)

NOTE:Do not connect to the power supply with a voltage above 12V, or will cause damage.

Demention:114mm×64mm×23mm (Including the protruding part)


Adapter Cable4:pin D-type to SATA 15 pin adapter cable ×1

Standard Baffle×1

Half-height Baffle×1

Customer Questions & Answers


What kind of clocks does it use? Also interested in capacitors, resistors and LDO regulators. thx, Dan

8/17/17 4:54 PM Asked.

Hi DW.Use active crystals inside, there are a lot of resistor and capacitor, you mean resistance capacity of the brand?Specifications?Or something.Specific point.Thank you.

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Hi, Can you provide the brand and model of the crystal?

8/23/17 10:41 AM Asked.

Hi Kevin.X-Hi oscillator uses EPSON active crystal, 10PPM.Thank you.  

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Hello I wonder what model and frequency the epson clock is?

3/6/18 10:01 AM Asked.

Dear Henrik,it is 48M.Thank you.

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Can I use it with Singxer SU-1?

7/16/18 2:06 AM Asked.

Hi Alexandr,yes it can. Thanks!

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