Meixing Mingda 805ASE Vacuum Tube Special Vacuum Tubes Pair

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  • Meixing Mingda Special Made Edition


Meixing Mingda special made edition
Factory Matched and Tested




Uf: 10V
If: 3.25A
Ua: 900V 1500V
Pa: 125W
Ia: 100mA 50mA
ug: 17v
Pout: 40W

Customer Questions & Answers

Jim Maddox
Jim Maddox

How do these tubes sound compared to the Pavane Natures Sound tubes?

11/18/17 12:33 PM Asked.

Hi Jim,we hadn't try the the Pavane Natures Sound tubes.Our many customer choose Meixing Mingda 805ASE.Thank you.

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