Meixing Mingda MC212-A WE212 Class A Stereo Integrated / Power Amplifier

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  • MC212-A is separate design
  • High standards and strict requirements
  • Internal circuit design is simple, robust, secure, stable
  • Can see the internal electronics and technology clearly



Mei Xing Electronics Factory was founded in 1991 and looks back to a history of 20 years production of valve based electronic equipment. The majority of production and design staff having more than 10 years of experience in the field of valve amplifier production.


output power: 50W * 2, Class A.
output impedance: 4Ω,8Ω
input impedance: 470kΩ
input voltage: 1000mv
distortion factor:less than 1%
signal to noise ratio:90db
inputs: balanced input:1 pair, unbalanced: 4 pairs.
power consumption:1000W
frequency range:18Hz~25KHz±1dB
valves:Psvane replica WE212 * 2, JJECC83 * 1, Russian 6H30 * 2.
Item Dimension: 560 * 430 * 900 mm.

MC212-A is separate design, the upper and lower two layers. Chassis lower for power transformers, independent power; the upper enlarged box. High insulation performance by the upper and lower air plug connection

6061 aluminum chassis with 8mm imported CNC equipment processing, surface oxidation brushed Seiko do. Protective cover and the upper cover with imported acrylic production, can clearly see the internal electronics and technology

The front plate and the upper lower voltage meter power meter made in Taiwan high precision dynamic instruments, terminals rear panel commissioned Taiwan factory OEM, rhodium-plated pure copper production boutiqueInternal circuit design is simple, robust, secure, stable

This machine adopts electronic components can be described as high standards and strict requirements: Z11 silicon and oxygen-free copper wire wound manually EI transformer, sound noble engraved Western Electric WE 212 * 2, Czech jjecc83 * 1, Russia 6H30 * 2 tubes. Internationally renowned brands JENSEN cross-linking and electrolytic capacitors, high voltage capacitors, Philips, Japan and the US production of high-performance resistance, sterling silver wire for cable, high-quality lead-free solder. Senior technicians more than 15 years of service manual welding

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