Meixing Mingda MC368-B150 KT150 Stereo Integrated / Power Amplifier

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  • A high-quality integrated amplifier
  • Comparable with international brands
  • Sound vivid, fresh, smooth, 99.8dB high SNR
  • Easy to drive over 80dB, 100W-1000W HiFi speakers


Mei Xing Electronics Factory was founded in 1991 and looks back to a history of 20 years production of valve based electronic equipment. The majority of production and design staff having more than 10 years of experience in the field of valve amplifier production.

Output Power: Ultralinear 150W x 2 Triode 70W x 2
Output Impedance: 4Ω、8Ω
Distortion Factor: ≤1%
Signal-to-Noises: 99dB +0dB -2dB
Outputs: 2 Groups
Inputs: 3 Groups(Integrated) 1 Groups(Power Amplifier)
Frequency: 18Hz - 60KHz
Sensitivity: 500mv(Integrated) 1000mv(Power Amplifier)
Vacuum Tubes: KT150 * 4, 6SN7 * 2, 6SL7 * 2
Power Supply: 110V-220V 60/50Hz
Volume: 440 * 430 * 200 mm
Weight: 30 Kg

Use the US TUNG-SOL brand strong amplifying power four tube KT150, per channel output power up to 150W, easily drive over 80dB, 100W - 1000W of HiFi speakers.
Sound vivid, fresh, smooth, 99.8dB high SNR, the listener enjoy more music details, overtone-rich sound field, highly infectious sense of the scene.
A multi-purpose machine: it is a high-quality integrated amplifier, and is a highly cost-effective two-channel after the class, high quality level with the previous match, there will be more surprises. There are three very different sounds and ultra-linear options.
The use of aluminum precision production machine outside the box, look elegant, beautiful, and better shielding effects, background music and more quiet. Maxims special triangular knobs, both artistic beauty, but also to distinguish between long-distance volume and choice location, classical precision power meter, the details of the perfect and cost can be comparable with international brands.
With a remote control device, Japan ALPS potentiometer, since the handle is made of aluminum alloy shell mold.

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