Musiland MD11 24Bit / 192KHz Digital Audio Decoder DAC USB Sound Card

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  • Asynchronous USB2.0 High Speed HD-Audio Interface
  • High-definition audio for 24Bit/192kHz born of the times
  • The sound of music taste and authenticity to the balance
  • Composed of 18 discrete transistors Energy Headphone-Amplifier



*.USB 2.0 , optical, RCA coaxial, BNC coaxial, inpput 24Bit/192kHz digital singal.

*.Asynchronous USB2.0 High Speed HD-Audio Interface;

*.asynchronous cache successive approximation "Asynchronous FIFOs Step by Step Receiver" S / PDIF receiver algorithm, asynchronous serial high-speed dynamic buffer audio coding algorithm "Asynchronous Dynamic FIFOs Serial Audio Frame Encode", high-definition audio for 24Bit/192kHz born of the times . They help of XILINX's FPGA, and high-speed DSP core embedded 200Mhz achieved. To ensure the integrity of audio data, high-quality sexual and a lot of computation.

*.participate in tuned "Colorful Sounds Audio Tech." Tone control technology, to make the sound of music taste and authenticity to the balance;

*. composed of 18 discrete transistors "Energy Headphone AMP. Level-I" headphone amplifier, you can drive 300 ohm headphones good, do not have to be configured independently of the headphone amplifier.

*. the latest technology, "μ-Noise Precision Power" of trace noise, precision power, in addition to the voltage to meet the needs of enthusiasts worldwide, will also provide a stable machine, clean power supply. ESD EMI interference and even the impact of the elimination of a clean, even in the city or around the high volatility serious industrial plant electrical interference, but also stable, reliable work, without sacrificing performance.

*.intelligent control, LCD display, full electronic control, and firmware upgrades via USB in order to improve performance or add additional features.

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