Musiland SVDAC05 24Bit / 192KHz Digital Stereo Audio Decoder DAC

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  • Various states automatically saved 
  • Digital display sample rate and volume
  • Music of Bonthe balanced analog filter amplifier
  • Low impedance headphones can be connected


SVDAC05 is the music of the state for computer multimedia applications, and users enjoy high-fidelity music launch of third generation high-performance stereo audio codec family is one, using the advanced microcomputer control technology to provide users with a personalized touch-operation interface, and digital display interface, real-time display the input signal sampling frequency and the current output level, can easily select the input mode, adjust the volume, all the user settings can be automatically saved. SNR up to 120dB using SVDAC05 top decoder chip to provide a high decoding performance and the perfect support for high-level decoding up to 24bit/192KHz. Analog output circuitry, with original music of equilibrium state analog filter circuit, the analog output of high-fidelity colleagues, with excellent musical. SVDAC05 BB's PCM2704 using the U.S. as a USB digital audio core, making SVDAC05 be independent as a sound card to use an external USB interfaces. A headset with a separate internal amplification modules, driving ability, you can promote all kinds of good low-impedance, high sensitivity headphones. Only 32 open book SVDAC05 size, compact, convenient place in the PC environment.


* Dynamic (A weighted): 120dB 
* Signal to Noise Ratio (A weighted): 120dB 
* Total harmonic distortion: 0.0005% 
* Support 24bit digital stream 
* Supports the following sampling rates: 32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz, 176.4kHz, 192kHz 
* The most advanced sampling CIRRUS CS4398 DAC chip 
An automatic detection of input signal sampling rate, micro machine control, set the digital receiver, digital-analog converter chip work in the best 
* With USB, RCA coaxial, BNC coaxial, Optical digital audio input interface of four, PCM stream 
* 3.5mm gold-plated with gold-plated headphone jack and RCA unbalanced analogue output socket 
* Music of Bonthe balanced analog filter amplifier 
* Includes headphone amplifier, low impedance headphones can be connected 
* Digital display sample rate and volume 
* Electronic Volume Control 
* Various states automatically saved 
* Avoid switching relay machine, line and headphone output noise impact 
* EMI and ESD protection circuits to eliminate interference 
* Size: 200mmX160mmX50mm 
* Quality: 2.5kg


Packing detail:
* SVDAC05 x 1

* Power Line x 1
* Optical Line x 1
* USB cable x 1
* Manual x 1

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