POPU D2P 50WPC Digital HiFi Amplifier + Coaxial USB Tube Amplifier with Remote Control

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  • Use D2 Audio's D2-41051 chip can be straight
  • D2P is the latest generation of fever digital amplifier
  • Use Texas Instruments (TI) company PCM2706 chip
  • Small, but with 50Wx2 power enough to push up the larger box


POPU from 2010 introduced high-end digital amplifier system, when the country was still playing with 2020, when Perot Pu has introduced international high-end professional digital amplifier chip, is the first to introduce high-end digital amplifier systemIntegration of audio brand.

After nearly a year of re-design and debugging, Popu D2P HiFi pure digital amplifier finally came out.

POPU D2P HiFi pure digital amplifier is now commercially available domestic highest efficiency digital amplifier, power amplifier section

Electro-acoustic energy conversion rate of 95%, normal listening about 5 watts total power, this amplifier can also be said to be the best currently on the market, its charm with both tube amp sound quality digital amplifier, and courage match the resolution of a machine can not.

POPU D2P HiFi DSP pure digital amplifier which uses D2 Audio's D2-41051 chip that can be straight connect coaxial input, unlike some products must be performed by a coaxial SPDIF receiver chip receives signals converted to IIS

Signal is then input to the DSP, to reduce the loss of digital conversion. Enter the same period, using asynchronous closed loop technology

Surgery, and then go after all the digital signal buffer alignment, reducing the signal to clock jitter.

Power amplifier section Perot Pu D2P HiFi pure digital amplifier pioneered the application of discrete components, the country has seen a second home using this architecture. Because digital amplifier operating frequency at 384KHz, circuit impedance and distributed capacitance caused by wiring board have brought on its work. Application of discrete components do

France, you can adjust the back and working parameters DRIVE MOSF cloth panels according to the situation, so as to achieve both energy-saving and good sound.

D2p output from the DSP to the transmission of the digital audio signal output of the final power amplifier are differential transmission, ensure its anti-jamming capability, ensuring pure sound

POPU D2P HiFi pure digital amplifier power amplifier driving part by the United States ON (ON) Company ACT540 Drive.

POPU D2P HiFi pure digital amplifier power amplifier part by the United States Alpha & Omega Semiconductor,

The company's AO4614 speed switching on the tube. The advantage of symmetrical match well, distortion. Its resistance is less than 31 and 45 milliohms, reduce the heat under a large current working conditions, but also allow current through more smoothly sound better transient response.

Perot Pu D2P HiFi pure digital amplifier USB receiver chip for Texas Instruments (TI) company PCM2706 chip, a friend asked parameters of these chips is not a bit low,

below we explain using reason this chip.

At present, there are CD sampling precision and sampling rate of 16bit, 44.1KHz, the majority of computer users APE, Flac, Wav rests CD changer over, PCM2706 chip

sampling precision and sampling rate of 16bit, 44.1KHz.

The advantages of digital amplifier sound sound transparent, direct, good detail, dynamic amplitude, transient good, pure tone light, due to the current monitoring

system is still making music in analog amplifier based, making affected monitoring system, and finally listen to the playback or take an objective approach to cognition,

voice the charm of certain aspects tend to be distorted.

"D2P" is the latest generation of fever digital amplifier, digital amplifier definitely let you have re-understanding - She let your ears warm up!

Although she is small, but there 50Wx2 power, enough to push up the larger box;

She has a digital amplifier strengths, there are also advantages of analog amplifier, the sound is absolutely amazing;

Now on the market, regardless of domestic and foreign, the corresponding power digital amplifier, both from sound quality, sound. Sound phase no adversary


Brand: POPU
Model: D2P
Type: Class-D Amplifier
Output Power: 50W*2 4OHM MAX
Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz
SNR:> 100 Db
Distortion: <0.1% 1KHz 20W
Sampling rate: Adaptive 24 BIT 32kHz-192kHz
Remote Control: Yes
Display: two-segment
Input: digital, analog audio signals
Input Group: USB, coaxial, analog audio of a group
Channel: 2 Channels
Dimension: 12.8 * 15.4 * 5.5 (CM)
Gross Weight: 1.8 kg.

D2P Unit * 1
USB Cable * 1
Power Suuply * 1
Remote Control * 1

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