LUXURY&PRECISION L3 PRO Portable DSD Fully Balanced HIFI Music Player

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  • Full bonding process.
  • Rosewood back.
  • Scrub Body.
  • Full CNC precision machining keys.



The LPF input and output and amp input and output are balanced, and left and right channel DAC chip is separate, and even DAC digital input are separate


110DB (32 ohm load) separation index 


L3 PRO's USB DAC function uses a variety of mobile phones and computers as audio sources, and L3 PRO is decoding and amp all-in-one


L3 PRO with USB DAC function can be as a decoding amp, in addition to PHONE OUT, LINE OUT and SPDIF OUT output, but also through the Balance out output, so that the fever canenjoy the sound , no noise


Low noise

Close to-120db


Dual DAC

Two old flagship DC CS4398 work together


Dual SOLO op amp

The BIPOLAR op amp was upgraded to a smaller distortion JFET-type op amp, improving the human voice and musical instruments under the sensitive iron earplugs under the sense of hearing;also use dual 1812A dual crown amp, L3 PRO can adapt to Different headphones and earplugs



The 24BIT ECC MLC FLASH is used for storage



OGS touch screen

OGS single-layer glass touch screen to enhance the touch effect, enhance the screen light transmission effect while reducing the thickness of the whole machine


Full fit process

Using the whole bonding process, improve the display


Rosewood backboard

The rear panel of  L3 PRO is cut from the entire rosewood to a very thin 1.5 mm wood chip and carved


Body scrub

Positive blasting with 180 emery



Fine buttons

The use of full CNC machining and complex engraving technology



Interface: PO (3.5mm) * 1

       Balance out (2.5mm)

       Line out / spdif out (3.5mm) * 1

       TF card slot / USB DAC * 1

Weight: 160 g

Volume: 60 * 114 * 15.2mm

Screen size: 3.5 inches

Screen: Resolution 480 * 320 OGS full fit capacitive screen

Master: 1812C

DAC chip: left and right channel of a Cissur Logic flagship professional D / A chip CS4398

Crystal: Jitter less than 1 picosecond, low phase noise crystal


Amplifier: 1812A double crown

Power management chip: 1812P

Inductance: Taiyo Yuden large current inductor

Filter capacitor: Murata and other companies ESR MLCC

Key: side button, top button are ALPS long life button

Extended capacity: support 128GB TF card (32G need to format the FAT32 file system)

Endurance: single-ended output of about 10 hours, balanced output of about 8 hours

Charging standard: DC power input range 4.8-5.2V, the maximum output current of the power adapter 1.5A and above recommended adapter

Output interface: 3.5mm single-ended headphone jack, 2.5mm balanced headphone jack, 3.5mm line output / SPDIF output interface,USB data / charge / USB DAC interface

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Hi, does this product come with a leather case?

12/6/16 9:56 PM Asked.

Hi Zeren,yes,we can send a leather case as a gift to you.Thank you.

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