Soundaware M1 Esther Professional DAP Music Player FPGA Decoding 1Bit DSD/192KHZ

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  • Very details of sound
  • Decoding 1Bit DSD/192KHZ
  • A professional portable player 
  • Sampling rate:32khz~192khz,DSD (SACD)



Vitality Edition
This version is focused on neutrally playing back every details of sound,playback the same as original music data that the most.Not noly the output sound is pure,fluent,balance,but also sound is ultra-low distortion,with less polution

Analog Eiditon
Analog edition has sonogram on the back side,vitality has no.
Analogy edition is characterized by making sure the sound more emotional,more liverly,as if you hear the sound at the is more like the traditional old CDP,Sounds is very soo-thing,slowly,like the golden light below the setting sun.And the details are also clear,not harsh.

The distinction of the two editions are different FPGA algorithm,chips,capacitance and other hardware are also not the same

Esther is a portable player which a true desktop Hi-END patented solution is concentrated to, CPU is responsible for the interface, not involved in decoding, and FPGA and DAC is responsible for the real hardware solution with native DA conversion. FPGA-based Sound enjoy the fourth generation algorithm, the noise processing, delay, jitter are inherited the experience of Sound flagship D100 PRO, but also inherited the experience of the analog part of the flagship A200S.

It is enough Fever: The measured noise <-150dbc / hz (1khz) ultra-low-noise dual clock oscillator, sample measured Phone Out output under load distortion + noise floor <0.0009%, the background noise <= - 130db, most indicator enjoy sound even better than the flagship A200S, professional-grade native DSD / PCM coaxial and Line Out output.


Esther is an ultimate music playback to products designed, with a groundbreaking product offers two completely different view of mainstream Hi-Fi listening (youth version, the demo version), ultra low distortion class AB Class Power Desktop amp circuit, at the cost of six Immersion Gold PCB design, dual analog low noise, low resistance power supply design, nature enthusiast regression portable player and enjoy the sound of moving anywhere.


Youth Edition is representative of contemporary neutral sound, emphasizing the original output, through the powerful information, detail, density, control and full sound reduction contemporary scene like feel. Sound field open, neutral sound, smooth, natural , sound pollution is very low.


Size: 115mm * 59mm, the thinnest thickness of 14mm, 15mm thickness hand about
Weight: about 175g
Sampling rate: 32khz ~ 192khz, DSD (SACD)
Sample median: 16 ~ 32bit, which only supports 32bit integer.
Channel: Stereo
Storage: TF * 2 (single maximum support 128GB, future support will be greater), NTFS, FAT format
USB: Micro usb fast charging, copy songs
When playing long: normal listening about 9 hours
Amp analog output: 2.8V RMS highest, 97% volume output, distortion <= 0.003%, desktop class AB amp circuits, power output, third gear gain
Line Output: 1.4V RMS
Coaxial output: 0.5V p-p, PCM & DSD (DOP)
Display: 2.4 inch high resolution IPS hard screen Sharp
Distortion + Noise (headphone output): <= 0.002% (44.1khz, 1khz DS3)
Dynamic ratio (headphone output):> = 115db.
Background noise (headphone output): <- 130db.
Clock properties (sampling tests): 10khz = -157dbc / hz, 1khz = -152dbc / hz, 10hz = -110dbc / hz
Firmware Other features: music library scanning and management, partial tone sounds, album art display, lyrics display, song cut out cut out desalination, list management and so on.




1 x M1 Esther Player
1 x Charger
1 x USB Cable
1 x User Manual
1 x Card Reader
1 x Warranty Card
1 x TF Card (16G)

Customer Questions & Answers

Yuri Billones
Yuri Billones

Which one is the analogue version? I am considering in getting one

10/29/18 3:20 AM Asked.

Hi, The Soundaware M1 has stopped production.You can look at M1pro.Thank you!

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