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QLS-HiFi D01 Audio Digital Signals Coaxial Optimizer / Cleaner / Filter

  • High performance
  • Has two switch three positions
  • Hight quality, durable and portable
  • Use in addition to coaxial digital signal(RCA, BNC)



QLS D01, is available to the audiophile QLS a small prop (small toys), it uses a liquid metal filter and a series of QLS QA661 experience in digital signal processing and in front of the product, it can make the sound away from the digital taste, and it is available in three styles are different voices through a different approach, so that fever more fun.


1. Package delivery Sanger different adapters, you can eat the D01 end of the line adapter to the source, or DAC, the other end of the coaxial links, you can not apply a coaxial adapter to link the increase

2. D01 use to pay attention to the direction of the input and output signals required flow in the direction of the arrow, audio termination IN, after termination OUT, otherwise it will not sound normal.

3. D01 can be used in addition to coaxial digital signal (RCA, BNC), the clock signal can also be used in addition can also try to use it on RCA analog signals, video enthusiasts can put it in series used to improve the quality of video output AV or component video signal.

4. D01 has two switch three positions, respectively corresponding to three slightly different sound style
Users can choose their favorite sound style used either to train your ears to distinguish between them by switching capability.

When A file, B1 and B2 switch no role in the B file, B1 and B2 corresponding to different styles. (Ie B1, B2 gear must use when B, three styles are A, B1, B2)




1 x D01 Unit
1 x User Manual
1 x RCA male to RCA male Adapter
1 x RCA male to BNC male Adapter
1 x RCA male to BNC female Adapter


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