QLS-HiFi F1000 HiFi Super Audio Power Purifier Filter AC Power Socket

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  • Aluminum chassis effectively shield to interfere
  • Can upgrade according to their own personality
  • The backlight pointer header displays the current AC voltage
  • Can usedfor the top-level sources and directly in post-amp or tube amp


traditional power upgrade, nothing more than add filters or isolation transformers, although you can increase the signal to noise ratio, against surges, but get little dynamic and adversely affect the sound field is not a good way.
F1000 customize special components, passive filtration system, focusing on a targeted treatment on quality, image influential UHF portion of the negative factors affecting the sound quality to minimize low frequency does not compress the high-frequency not strengthened to ensure high fidelity.
◇ only be used before the class, audio, and more can be directly used in the post-amp or tube amp. (Available in the market in the sale of filters, most used in the amplifier / after the class will compress the dynamic, impact sound field)
◇ shaped filter element using expensive noble metal as the dielectric, the use of physical transmission of the power lost in the lattice as filling process, so that the circuit can be optimized and improved highway play sound best results. (To enhance the response speed of the current the sound quality is very large)
◇ designed with six gold-plated universal socket (product insert), four imported American standard socket in order to meet different needs.
◇ high-quality high-purity oxygen-free copper wire 4 square, in order to reduce transmission losses and improve the speed of energy supply.
◇ High quality power socket, close contact, effectively reduce the contact current reflection and losses.
◇ using advanced backlight Analog meter displays the current AC voltage.
◇ with lightning protection and over-current protection device, practical and safe.
◇ Use detachable power cord, you can always upgrade according to their personality.
◇ aluminum chassis, effectively shielding then interference.
◇ Input voltage: 90V ~ 240V AC 50/60Hz.
◇ Maximum current: 15A.
◇ Maximum load power: 3000W.
◇ Power Box Size: 350mm * Width 131mm * height 78mm.
◇ Power Box Net Weight: 2KG.

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