QLS-HiFi QA360 HiFi 8-300Ω 24Bit / 192KHz DSD Portable HiFi Lossless Music Player

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  • Available in two styles sound output
  • Can be used independently as a digital turntable
  • Support DSD64,1bit DSD files DIFF and DSF direct play
  • Directly promote and push a good majority of HiFi headphones



LS QA360 Portable HiFi lossless music player is QLS-HiFi’stop line digital music playback equipment that integrated digital music player, DAC and headphone amplifier altogether. QA360 is based on the QA660&QA860 digital music player with dedicated improvementon the digital output circuit, along with the DAC and headphone amplifier module which we spent over 3 years on developing.

It is an all-in-one portable SD card HiFi wav music player, It offers studio-master-tape sound quality and uncompromising file playback capability, It has a high quality DAC and headphone amplifier integrated into its tiny body. The headphone output is able to drive most 8-300Ω headphone in the market.

The Single Threaded Software Framework
QA360 implemented QLS-HiFi’s unique proprietary technology – the single threaded software framework. This technology ensured ultra-low jitters and high accuracy in playback of digital music by occupying the whole CPU with the single music reading and decoding program during the music playback.We keep it simple as always for supporting the simplest SD media cards only, however on the other hand we make every attempt to improve the back end qualities so providing the best value to againstthe priceto the true audiophiles. QA360 is the continuing persistence in pursuit of our belief on HiFi equipment development.

24bit/192KHz wav and DSD Support
QA360 supports Studio Master wav files in 24bit/192KHz and DSD64/1bit/Stereo. DSD files can be streamed out of the digital output in DoP format, and hardware converted to analog singles directly through the internal DAC as well.


  • With digital coaxial and digital optical output can be used independently as a digital turntable.
  • CPI comes with a large thrust headphone amplifier can be directly promote and push a good majority of HiFi headphones.
  • Menu selectable digital filter (filter out noise well above the audio frequency band) slow down and roll-off, available in two styles sound output.
  • (Descent sounds more natural, more mellow vocals prominent; higher roll-off test parameters, better sound levels, fresher)
  • Menu Optional DSD signal is digitally filter, available in two styles DSD sound output.
  • (Without the advantages of the digital filter more SACD sound obvious delicate than traditional CD, a better sense of music, but through a digital filter for better
  • Support DSD64,1bit DSD files DIFF and DSF direct play, direct play SACD ISO image files directly hardware decoding.
  • Supports WAV, FLAC and other lossless formats and MP3 mainstream lossy compression format.
  • Support 24Bit / 192KHz high-bit-rate digital audio format WAV and studio mastering WAV file playback.
  • Supports WAV / FLAC files associated with the CUE play, CUE supports ANSI, UNICODE, UTF-8 encoding.
  • Supports SD / SDHC / SDXC, maximum support 128GB SDXC card (future software upgrade can support larger capacity SD card).
  • OSD support for Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English.
  • Can be achieved through optional external expansion function infrared remote control, and perhaps launch next-wire or high frequency wireless remote control for purchase.


Sampling digits: 16Bit or 24Bit.
Sampling rate: 44.1Khz, 48Khz, 88.2Khz, 96Khz, 176.4Khz, 192Khz, DSD 1bit 64FS.
Audio formats supported: WAV (up to 24Bit / 192KHz), FLAC, AIFF, ALAC, DIFF, DSF, MP3, SACD ISO.
Digital Output: Coaxial * 1 (coaxial output for 3.5, need 3.5 to RCA coaxial); fiber * 1 (fiber-hole output).
The digital output format: PCM / Dolby Digital / DTS / DSD (DoP v1.0).
Analog Output: Line Out 3.5 output port * 1.
Amp output: 3.5 output port * 1.
Remote Input: Line through optional remote control receiver and remote control infrared remote control function to achieve (the remote control and QA660, QA860 Universal)


Analog output parameters:

analog output level: 2.0V RMS
 Frequency Response: 0-20Khz
SNR: 116dB
Dynamic Range: 116dB
Separation: 101dB
Distortion: 0.0006%
Headphone output matching impedance: 8 ohms -300 Europe
Amp maximum output power: 490mW @ 16 Europe, 245mW @ 32 Europe, 55mW @ 300 Europe

 DAC: CS4398LPF: AD8620 amp: OPA + discrete transistor amp CPI enlarge.
Battery: Lithium battery 3.7V 3000-3120mAH ultra-low internal resistance
External power supply or charger: DC 5V 2A (positive with respect) (can be directly used mobile phones treasure powered or rechargeable)
Life time: Conservative 10 hours (measured playback WAV 16bit 44.1K, the screen is automatically set to 10 seconds off, play 10-20 times in the song lit screen, Several prototypes have 11 hours, when another player DSD / SACD music consumption to increase by 30%)
Charging time: 4 - 5 hours
Host Net Size: 117mmx72mmx27mm
Host weight: 260g


  • Power input (DC 3.5 * 1.35) (within DC5V is outside the negative) (powered or rechargeable)
  • Digital coaxial output port (3.5 jack) (need to use 3.5 to RCA coaxial)
  • Digital optical output port (round mouth) (one shared with Line Out port)
  • Line Out analog outputs (3.5 jack) (Fibre share a mouth)
  • Amp output port (3.5 headphone port)
  • SD card connector: standard SD card interface
  • Infrared remote or otherwise control the expansion port (2.5mm jack)

QA360 Player * 1
Card Reader * 1
User Manual * 1
16GB UHS-I SDHC Card * 1
Power Supply (Charger) * 1
USB to DC3.5 * 1.35 Adapter Cable * 1 (use for connection conventional phone charging treasure power or charge)

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