QLS-HiFi QA660 WAV/APE/FL AC 24Bit / 192KHz Digital Turntable Lossless Music Player

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  • Further improve the quality
  • Simultaneously output and no mutual interference
  • Ensure the sound loud enough, clean and transparent
  • Ensure that the digital audio clock of high accuracy and low jitter



QA-660 master level digital disc player ( hereinafter referred to as QA660 ) is the QLS-HiFi lasted three years software development, hardware revision several times and eventually for the majority of enthusiasts launched a HI-END level product; it is a catch up with and surpass the most desktop CD players have a fever level digital player, its ultimate sound performance can be fully play your system's true potential. Within the complex power processing, real-time 's strongest software architecture, ultra low Jitter clock and digital processing circuit, that it has a HI-END level ultra low jitter digital output characteristics.


•most beneficial to the quality of software architecture

QA660 still uses QLS-HiFi exclusive patent technology - SCM single thread tone playing program, unique program structure can make the digital output with very low clock jitter ( Jitter ), and the digital audio output to the HI-END summit.

Supports the high bit rate file playback

QA660 can play 24bit/192KHz high-power WAV digital audio stream, we know that the traditional CD disc is only 16bit/44.1Khz, 24bit/192KHz digital mastering data than traditional CD data 5-8 times ( one 24bit/192Khz the mother with the song almost whole CD capacity), so the digital mastering both in the field, density, dynamic and resolution are far beyond the traditional CD sound.

• basic characteristic: " perfect restore each music ", without the sound with music, retaining the original vividness and music sense, background static such as deep sea, calm, relaxed tone, the atmosphere, gorgeous and noble.


Function Features:

Support for SD/SDHC/SDXC, 128GB SDXC card ( maximum support future software upgrade to support greater capacity SD card ).

Support for WAV, APE, FLAC, WavPack and other mainstream lossless and lossy compression format MP3.

Support 24bit/192KHz WAV high bit rate digital audio formats and studio master WAV file playback;

Support WAV/APE/FLAC/WavPack and CUE file playback, CUE support ANSI, UNICODE, UTF-8 coding.

OSD support for simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, english.

Display with 2.8 inch AMOLED color screen, contrast up to 10000:1, allows you to control in the long distance search to select a song.

Aluminum panel remote control key with more rapid, convenient and fast search and location songs, at the same time in order to achieve a more user-friendly.

With delete function, using the remote control to the SD himself doesn't love songs directly to delete, more use of songs in the management of.

Electric quick boot, usually with the operating system of the machine starting time is very long, and it is easy to crash, to use bring great inconvenience.


1. our software is stable, fast boot time.

A full song 16G card starting time is usually around 2 seconds to complete, 32G filled with ultra thousand songs SD card need only 3-4 seconds to complete the boot.

A power-down save function, shutdown automatically save the current song playing and menu options, the next boot and then the last play of the song starts to play.

With the direct selection control, with the entire card folder / folders sequential or random play, with fast, with repeated or return to listen to a song.

With positioning function, can jump directly to a specified point in time to play; with A-B section playing function.

A 3 way coaxial output, 1 fiber output, 1 digital balance AES/EBU output, 1 IIS/I2S output < ( I2S can be directly connected to the QA100 ).

2 . simultaneously output and no mutual interference.

3 way coaxial output includes 2 voltage output and the 1 output current, have 1 RCA and 2 BNC interface interface.

3 Road output sound slightly different, to meet the needs of different fans to the pursuit of sound different.

Design features:

SCM single threaded program architecture, remote control decoding by the addition of the chip, high real-time performance, ultra low Jitter sound with high quality assurance.

High precision low Jitter 1PPM double temperature compensation crystal design, by 22.5792Mhz and 24.576Mhz respectively corresponding to different rate output,


3 .ensure that the digital audio clock of high accuracy and low jitter.

Real 24bit digital audio processing cores, the top support 192K sampling.

By 2 ultra low noise and have Remote Sense operational amplifier , reference and diffusion flow discrete voltage stabilizing circuit for two audio oscillator are respectively provided with ultra pure power,


4 .further improve the quality.

Audio board and main control board are made of 4 layers of circuit board design, ensure the integrity of the ground plane and digital high frequency signal integrity,

5 at the same time to ensure the power supply circuit of low internal resistance.

The audio portion and a control portion of power, ground separation design, a machine as two independent branch to design, in order to put an end to produce digital sound.

Using custom high quality sealing ring of bovine Sanlu output for each independent power supply, to put each section to minimize impact.

Linear precision multi-stage regulator, multiplex stabilized voltage, RC filter, LC filter... For all module independent power supply so as to reduce the interaction

5 ensure the sound loud enough, clean and transparent.

All the functionality of the software is based on can do on the sound does not affect the basis, all influence the sound format or function we will not hesitate to cut.

Most of the material from foreign direct procurement of new and original stock, although the price is more expensive than domestic, but to ensure that genuine and quality.

Special custom 75 ohm coaxial BNC seat in order to ensure the best impedance matching.

Digital audio output follow the industry standard full electrical isolation output (except I2S ) with high current drive capability, to ensure that the signal quality.




Technical Parameters:

Output impedance: 75 ohms ( coaxial ); 110 ohm ( XLR AES/EBU ).

Note: coaxial BNC-2 current output. ( current output of the receiver end 75 ohm resistance to ground of the current reduction voltage, thus may have less than 10% of the receiving equipment because they do not have the resistance and not locking signal ).

Output voltage: Coaxial ( 0.5V P-P ); XLR ( 5V P-P equilibrium ).

Digital output: PCM/Dolby Digital/DTS format.

Sample number: 16Bit or 24Bit.

Sample rate: 44.1Khz, 48Khz, 88.2Khz, 96Khz, 176.4Khz, 192Khz.

Audio format support: WAV ( 24bit/192KHz, APE maximum support ), FLAC, MP3, WavPack.

Clock source: with 2 custom 1PPM low phase noise temperature Bujing vibration TCXO.

Digital output parameters ( QA660 most objective parameters to the audio analyzer limit ).

Phase jitter ( Jitter ): <20pS RMS.

Dynamic range: >140dB.

SNR: > 140dB at right.

Total harmonic distortion: < 0.00002% @ 20-20K Hz.

Power consumption: < 10W.

Input power: AC 100-120V or AC 220V-240V 50/60Hz ( machine switching )

( the purchase did not explain all switched to AC 220V-240V position ).

Remote control material: aluminum panels, plastic shell, plastic keys; remote size: 237*48*22mm; remote control net ( without battery): 135g.

The host shell material: aluminum.

Host size: 290x240x90mm ( including the exposed connector and pin )

Host net weight: 2.1KG.

Complete packaging weight: 3.5KG.


a RCA coaxial digital output interface.

two BNC digital output interface ( of which 1 are current output ).

a square optical digital output interface.

a digital balance AES/EBU output.

a I2S ( IIS ) digital output interface.

a power input socket.

a SD card inserted into the interface.

a A USB input interface ( interface reserved, no function ).



1.A QA660 unit

2.A remote control  ( by air express no battery, so the remote control of the 2 battery 7 is not included);

3.a Power cable

4.A 16GB Class10 SDHC

5.a brand card reader

6.gifts: I2S (IIS) line *1; ( 0.5 meters long, can be directly related to QA100 feeder )

7.A manual

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