QLS HIFI QA690 160W2 DSD Pure Full Digital Audio DAC Power Amplifier

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  • Environmental protection energy-saving.
  • High-efficiency power amplification.
  • The output power up to 160W × 2,to meet the requirements of most speakers thrust.
  • Supporting pure digital amplifier input PCM and DSD (DSD after internally into PCM,and DSP processing).

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Digital inputs: optical, coaxial RCA x 2, analog input, and optional XMOS digital interface module to include an USB input. Format support: 16Bit-24Bit, 32-192KHz PCM signals and DSD64 DoP signal (bit rate, median adaptive). 
Input switching mode: panel buttons or remote control (digital display input channels, automatically saved). 
Volume Control: panel encoder or remote control to adjust volume, digital display current volume of 0-80, the remote control can be adjusted about the sound volume 5, it is automatically saved. 
High frequency compensation: available for speaker frequency response inherent defect, using the remote control to fine-tune the high-frequency and low-frequency compensation (default is not compensated). 
Input voltage: AC 90V-130V / 180V-250V (machine left switch). 
Load Impedance: 2-16 ohms. 
Output Power: 4 Ohms: 2 x 160W, 8 Ohm: 2 x 100W. 
distortion: <0.02% (- 2.5dBFS, 8 ohms). 
dynamic: 101dB (A-weighted) 
signal to noise ratio: 101dB (A-weighted) 
separated degree: 97dB
Frequency response: 10Hz-20KHz (8 ohms). 
Standby power consumption: <13W. 
Machine size: (L) 300mm x (W) 216mm x (H) 100mm; length without output interface and knobs. 
Machine weight: 5KG. 

QA690 *1
Remote control *1
User mannual *1
Coaxial cable *1
Power cable *1
USB cable *1(If you order the USB version.)

Customer Questions & Answers


Hello!     Consider the option of purchasing, can you answer a few questions on QA690--Full Digital Hi-Fi Stereo Amplifier?    1) in What way the volume is controlled in the amplifier: digital clearing or changing the voltage?  2) In the device 2 chip TAS5624, as I understand it, one for the left and right outputs, the chip's Datasheet 4-channel i.e., involved only interested in one channel of each chip? either 2 in the bridge? or something else ???  3) Uses switching power supply, it is visible in the guts of the camera, what is the output voltage and max amperage it?  4) how much the amplifier "honest" watts of output power per channel?  5) will work correctly the USB driver with Windows 10 ?     Thank You, Vladimir.    

2/9/17 3:04 AM Asked.

Hi Vladimir,    Good day.  1,DSP digital control.  2.2 chip TAS5624 device, one for the left and right output, data table 4 - channel of the chip.For each chip, only to a channel?Or two channels?Or something else?PBTL connection, has the largest driving ability.  3.fixed 36 v output,Current 10 a output for maximum 15 to 20 a.  4.4 ohm load: 2 x 160 w, 8 ohm load: 2 x 100 w.  5.It can work with win10.    Best Regards  Kerwin  Shenzhenaudio

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What is the source for PWM signal in TAS5624 input, in other words what chipset is an i2s to PWM converter?

11/14/17 5:33 AM Asked.

Hi 4ndy,it's TAS5508B.Thank you.

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Hi, is this out of production or just out of stock? When will you have it again?

7/1/19 6:39 PM Asked.

Hi Andreas, you can place the order. It is available now. Thank you!

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