RACOON SG200 24Bit/48KHz High-Quality USB DAC Tube Headphone Amplifier

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  • Blu-ray tubes with affinity set off display
  • Usb 2.0 ports, stereo audio D / A decoding
  • Beautifully elegant arc linear process odeling
  • Chassis designed and manufactured from aluminum alloy

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this is a upgrade  verision with Psvane 12AT7 tube  For those who don’t know, Psvane is actually marketed as a premier tube brand from Shuguang. One Psvane 12AT7 tube usually goes for $59.00
Headphone impedance range is 8-1000Ω, the output power peak - the range of 2.7W-100mW, strong thrust, easily drive all Headphones

This amp can be done using the powerful preamp

This amp can be accessed 8 ohm / 10W amplifier using the speaker to do

amp power amplifier chip is currently the hottest TI TPA6120A2, the chip has extremely low distortion and high speed conversion speed. Supports a variety of high and low impedance headphones

24BitDAC decoding using Micronas UAC3553B high quality decoder integrated chip, support the highest rate 48KHZ output of the decoder chip wide frequency response, high resolution

12AT7/ECC81/6201/GT-12AT7/6C22D/12AZ7 tube universal, you can replace upgrade

The machine good material, units produced gold pin switches, Japan ALPS potentiometer, Germany WIMA capacitors, England NOVER electrolytic capacitors, precision resistors, gold-plated plug terminals, CCC certified power adapter to ensure the quality of the machine quality

Currently the hottest Texas Instruments TPA6120A2

Japan ALPS switches, Germany WIMA capacitors, gold foot switch

8-1000Ω impedance adaptation range, easily adapted to the market all the impedance headphones
Headphone impedance range of 8-1000Ω, the output power peak - the range of 2.7W-100mW, strong thrust, easily drive all Headphones
Very low harmonic distortion and wide frequency range, high-quality audio power output
No access signal, low noise
Analog Signal Line and USB digital signal two input options
3.5mm and 6.35mm jack dual parallel output, easy to fit different plugs headphones
RCA stereo audio power output, then the load speaker 8Ω speakers to use, low distortion and noise, wide frequency range, can be Used as a high-quality preamp
Built-in 24-BIT USB DAC, decoding high-quality lossless music
Tube sound is sweet and moist with charm, prolonged listening ear fatigue
Stereo master volume control
Power supply switch control
Full aluminum design and manufacturing
Beautifully elegant arc linear process modeling
Blu-ray tubes with affinity set off display
Stylish new light red lens perspective
Elegant and compact size, easy to carry


Input Z  Line Input 15KΩ
Output Z  10Ω
Line Input Sensitivity400mV ± 50mV
Frequency Response 9Hz-160KHz-3dB
0Hz-30KHz 0dB
SNR = 90dB input without any connection , no weighting
THD + N ( harmonic distortion ), 1KHz: <0.06%, 100mW into 8Ω
SMPTE IMD: <0.06%, 100mW into 8Ω
Net Weight ( Net ): 0.5Kg
Dimensions ( Size ): L104mm x W92mm * H 62mm
External Power 12VAC 800mA, 5.5 * 2.1 Power Jack
Usable Headphone Impedance Range 8-1000Ω

Specific characteristics:
humanized appearance design process :
chassis designed and manufactured from aluminum alloy ;
beautifully elegant arc linear process modeling ;
Blu-ray tubes with affinity set off display ;
elegant and compact size .
a variety of input options: analog line signal Line input and USB digital signal input selection , you can easily select the desired input mode ;
Main volume adjustment, can make you get the desired sound effect .
Headphone output jack : 3.5mm and 6.35mm jack dual parallel output options , allowing you to easily fit different plugs headphones available in the market ;
Headphone output A and B are parallel output, stereo headphone signal, the output impedance is 10Ω;
A or B alone headphone output adaptation of minimum impedance 8Ω, A and B, the lowest total impedance of the parallel output 8Ω;
Headphone output impedance adaptation range 8-1000Ω, the output power peak - range 2.7W-100mW, strong thrust , can easily drive all the headphones, the first truly able to fully fit the market all headphones amp ;
For increased headphone output jack, you can use a standard of a "Y" adapter plug assign the two headphone output jack.

DAC Decoder:
24-Bit Dac Usb decoder , using Micronas UAC3553B high quality decoder integrated chip, support the highest rate 48KHZ output of the decoder chip wide frequency response , high resolution
24-Bit Dac Usb decoder connected to the computer , the computer can decode lossless high-fidelity music playback ;
Up Support 24-Bit audio playback , the conversion rate for the 6.4-48KHz;
Usb 2.0 ports, stereo audio D / A decoding.

Power Stage Design:
The wide frequency response , low distortion, high fidelity amp TI TPA6120A2 top integrated IC design ;
Dual voltage power supply design for the positive and negative power supply , because dual voltage power supply, so the power output dynamic range, wide frequency response , low distortion , driving ability ;
Output impedance is 8Ω, adaptation impedance range of 8-1000Ω;
1000Ω load output 100mW strong driving force , 300Ω load, a strong driving force output of 350mW , easily drive the market 300-1000Ω impedance headphones ;
8Ω load of about 2.7W per channel power output , not only can push a good low-impedance headphones , but also be able to easily push below 10W speakers, so the machine has a dedicated connection speaker Spk-Out RCA stereo output jacks ;
The output of smaller distortion , very low noise (<0.1mV noise , SNR> = 90dB) and wide frequency response , so the machine can be used to make high-fidelity preamp from Spk-Out 's RCA jack stereo output signal, the tube amplification, access to other audio device can enhance the sound quality of the output of the device .

The machine features elegant selection :
Power switch and input selector switch imported from abroad , the mechanical contact performance and long service life ;
selection of Japanese ALPS potentiometer imported good contact performance , low noise , small error and long service life ;
In addition to the two non- electrolytic capacitors monolithic capacitors , the rest all made of high quality German WIMA capacitors ;
105 ℃ electrolytic capacitor full selection of high-quality audio English NOVER electrolytic capacitors , high temperature , strong reliability , quality is stable and reliable ;
1/6W full precision 1% resistors , so that the machine sensitivity, precision, drift work to ensure that every machine factory and design consistent with the requirements ;
RCA jack , 3.5mm and 6.35mm socket contact terminals gold-plated , easily oxidized , to ensure good contact with the machine performance

review info  http://www.head-fi.org/products/shange-sg200-tube-headphone-amp-dac

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