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Sennheiser CX310 Originals High Quality Noise-Isolating Ear-Canal Headphones Earphone

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  • The headset will become the representative of street fashion movement

Key Featuresadidas Originals designAggressive noise blocking designUltra-compact fit, includes caseExceptional bass, mid-range and trebleGeneral DescriptionThe adidas CX 310 by Sennheiser is the gateway to better sound on-the-move. Featuring a discreet, closed design that shields you from distracting ambient noise, you can get closer to your music than ever before. Check out the related products section for more killer Sennheiser/adidas headphones.


Detailed Parameters

Transducer principle: Dynamic, closed

Wearing styles: ear

Frequency response: 19 - 21000 Hz

Impedance: 16 Ω

Total harmonic distortion: <0.2%

Cord Length: 1.2 m (symmetrical equal length)

Interface: 3.5mm (corner)

Weight: 10 g


Packing List

A pair of CX310 earbuds,

A carrying pouch,

3 pairs of ear pads (small, medium, large)


Packing List

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E. Putt
Jun 15, 2013 1:49:46 PM
I bought a pair of these headphones without great enthusiasm as I thought they would be uncomfortable and not do what I wanted them to do, which was block out the noise of my riding mower and let me hear the music playing. I need not have worried because they ARE comfortable. I've worn them for several hours at a time while doing yard work with no problems. They also work great on the lawnmower or anywhere else noise is a problem. All I hear when I wear them is music, with the lawnmower engine noise barely noticeable if I listen for it.

That does lead me to bring up an important point about these and any other earphone that blocks noise so well - you can't hear someone coming up behind you, hard on the nerves if you're the jumpy type. Also, unless someone yells at you very loudly, your neighbors are going to think you are ignoring them since you won't hear them. I guess that could be a plus for a lot of people! Also, forget carrying on a conversation unless you take out at least one earbud. Be aware that domestic harmony is in danger of becoming unharmonious if you don't remove the headphones to converse.

Bottom line is I am very happy with these headphones and would recommend them.
Jun 15, 2013 1:48:55 PM
I got this product last year . It was worth 100$ when I got it, but I got it here for 50ish. It is very nice. At first I thought it would not last for more than a month since the wires are so thin; however, I have put it in my pocket, bag, ... and it still works after a year. The sound quality is also very good.
Jun 15, 2013 1:48:28 PM
I have been using these in the gym for over a month. They stay in place while lifting weights and jogging on the treadmill. The standard buds fit perfectly for me, although they do come with other sizes. I was in the market for workout buds and these definitely do the trick. I was also looking at the iSport brands but thought I would try these out first and have had a rewarding experience as they do what they are intended to do. They are great at isolating music, so if you are using these jogging in public be aware of traffic and your surroundings.
Jun 15, 2013 1:48:04 PM
This is a great value. The buds themselves are a little smaller than I expected but the sound quality makes up for it.
Amelia Blankenau "waynebluedevils"
Jun 15, 2013 1:47:40 PM
After researching ear buds for a week. I finally decided to purchase these. I got two day shipping because I was already getting a really good deal on them. I've heard lots of sounds I've never heard before not even with beats by Dre over ear, on ear, and in ear buds. I love the bass. It's not overpowering and the highs mids and lows don't sound muddy at all. The vocals surround you like surround sound. I tested them on a slow song (asleep by the smiths) and it had perfect highs mids and lows. I tested it on Boyfriend by Justin Bieber and I could actually hear quads (I'm a drummer) and other toms that I've never heard before. I love the case. Perfect buy!
Jason S.
Jun 15, 2013 1:46:41 PM
These earphones are absolutely amazing! Very comfortable, great bass, and very dynamic sound. They come with three pairs of various sized ear buds, so whatever ear-size you are, they will fit! They also looks pretty damn awesome as well (the blue looks great!), with an "Adidas Originals" logo at the back of each ear.

Maybe the blue can be slightly more consistent, because that would be fancy! But I guess you can't expect everything.

These are just too great! Easily my favorite pair of headphones.
Jun 15, 2013 1:46:14 PM
I own this and a pair of Monster Beats and by a mile or more these BEAT the three times as pricey, shiny Beats. Definitely well recommended for pretty much anything, sound is amazing even better than the beats and stay in place during my workouts as I run a lot outdoors.