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Sennheiser HD205 II Studio Grade DJ Headphones

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  • Perfect for DJ or studio use
  • Outstanding shielding of ambient noise
  • Smooth audio reproduction with deep bass
  • Rugged construction takes a beating on the road

The HD 250 II Linear are closed dynamic hi-fi stereo headphones with the feel of an open design. They are an ideal choice not only for professional monitoring and live sound recording, but also for use with high-end hi-fi systems where they ensure undisturbed enjoyment of music.

Studio-grade, detailed audio with incredible reproduction of frequencies high to low; Sennheiser's HD205 II headphones offer brilliant shielding of ambient noise to keep out unwanted distraction from your listening experience. Featuring a rotatable ear cup, comfortable earpad connection and single-sided cable; the HD205 headphones are pro-level option for both DJ's and home recording. Sennheiser HD205 II Features Rotatable padded ear-cup for comfortable, single-ear listening Perfect for DJ or studio use Outstanding shielding of ambient noise Hypo-allergenic earpads are field-replaceable and easy to clean Rugged construction takes a beating on the road Dynamic, smooth audio reproduction with deep bass extension Protective pouch and 1/4 inch adapter included Unlike competitive models, the earcup rotates while maintaining earpad contact on your head for stability and comfort without leaking noise into adjacent microphones. The HD205 II comes with a convenient protective pouch and locking 1/4 inch adapter for storage and transportation



Perfect for DJ or studio use
Best rotatable ear cups for DJ's
Smooth audio reproduction with deep bass
Earpads are field replaceable and easy to clean
Rugged construction takes a beating on the road
Includes protective storage pouch for safe transport
Rotable padded ear cup for comforatable single ear listening

Fit Design: Headband
Earpiece Design: Ear-Cup (Over the Ear)
Sensitivity    : 106 dB
Frequency Response: 5 Hz - 40 kHz
Impedance: 300 ohms
Color: Black
Connectivity Type: Wired
Noise Canceling: Without Noise Cancellation
Noise Isolating: Without Noise Isolating
Cable Length: 9.84 ft
Plug Type: 3.5 mm, 6.3 mm, 6.35 mm
Weight: 7.58 oz


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Jun 14, 2013 9:31:12 PM
These are light on the head. The feature that allows the headphone to 'break' to allow you to hear outside conversation, or music is a great touch. Not to mention, I got these for a tenth of their cost, new.
Jun 14, 2013 9:30:31 PM
I bought them and I think an excellent product, the price is very good for the quality of headphones, fulfilled and exceeded my expectations.
Jun 14, 2013 9:30:08 PM
First off, let me just say that these sound incredible. The bass is deep but doesn't smother the mids or highs. They are great for all kinds of music. But if you have a large head, you may have issues. The head band is very tight but can be fixed by putting them around a basketball for a while. But altogether they are incredibly well built and the sound is awesome. Definately worth the money.
Samuel L.
Jun 14, 2013 9:29:39 PM
Simple: It's good looking, affordable, great sound and decent bass and great noise isolation.
The only thing bad is that it's tight when you first get it, but just stretch it out for a few minutes and it's not so bad. And it's also not as high quality as you might see with headphones over $200 with metal and all, it's all plastic, however it is very nice and quality plastic, except for that shiny circle logo which is more "cheap" feeling.
OVERALL: Its a "simple" companion that is perfect if you're looking for headphones around/under $50, it's real comfy and sure to appeal to others as swaggy, yet sophisticated. It's not to disappoint.
Matt Bechtel
Jun 14, 2013 9:29:13 PM
I'm very impressed with Sennheiser yet again. These are perfect for me, I prefer on ear design rather than over ear (like HD-280). Essetially, you could consider these the on ear version of the HD 205. The sound is incredible, and that's partially do to how well they naturally block outside noise. Although they're not designed as "noise-cancelling", they isolate your ears very well.

Some people have called them "tight", which, can be a GOOD thing. If you've ever seen or worn a pair of Beats by Dre, you'd notice the on-ears just sit gently on your ear, and feel like they could easily slip off. With these headphones - think about it.. rest your finger in your ear and it only cancels some sound, now push a little - the more pressure, the less noise you hear, right? It takes a little bit of time to break them in, but I've had these for over a year, and I can say they're perfectly comfortable after a little use. Not to mention they'll stay on your head during even the most active run/workout/etc. (Yes, they're awesome running headphones if you roll that way). The construction is solid, the moveable ear works great, the cord is long and sturdy, and comes with a 1/4" jack attachment that screws on, not just slips on, big +'s for you DJ's. Stellar headphones.
Edward Jostad "box"
Jun 14, 2013 9:28:43 PM
As the two other reviews have said, they tend to smoosh your ears in a way, but to fix that you just simply need to adjust them and break them in. Possibly replace the cushioning with something of your choice that you feel would be softer and better for comfort. All I had to do was adjust the length bar on the two sides for each ear. I may replace padding, but I think that if I find something softer, more sound will leak. So if you have the option, try on a pair at a store before purchasing just to be sure. As for as sound quality, yes bass is a little on the low end but I've had mine for only 2 days now, and I'm still waiting for them to officially burn it a little more. I found out that the little things added from a synthesis or dj, the little sound effects, I'm only clearly hearing them for the first time. I went to these from skullcandy earbuds. Obviously, my review will be positive since I haven't had any others before, but I have used Sennheiser before when playing counter-strike, using the PC150's. Anyways, Sennheiser is a brand that you can trust to deliver the best of the best.
Jun 14, 2013 9:28:12 PM
've owned several higher priced headphones than the Sennheiser HD 205-II Studio Grade DJ Headphones. But let me tell you, these sound right up there with the pricier sets. I originally bought the HD 205-II to use around town on the bus, walking, and at my favorite donut joint rather than using my pricier DJ phones for fear of me walking off without them or someone swiping them. I am now wondering, in terms of sound, what is the difference in my real DJ phones and the Sennhesier HD 205-II headphones. I'm sure there is a difference, but heck, I cannot tell the difference in sound. This set offers lots of thumping bass, wonderful mids, and silky highs. They are a little snug initially, but they loosen up after a few wears. The truth be told, the ONLY reason I'm not replacing my pricier gig Headphones, with the HD 205-II is because of the thin LONG cord of the Sennheiser. I'm afraid that the cord is too long and not sturdy enough to last during a rough DJ set. Please don't mistake that as a CON, it's just that I do a lot of moving around when I'm spinning. Bottom line, I am VERY HAPPY on my purchase of these headphones to use as an extra pair of headphones on my daily runs. If you are border line about getting these, don't be, YOU WILL HIGHLY ENJOY the look, sound, and quality of the Sennhesier HD 205-II Studio Grade DJ Headphones!!!!!