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Sennheiser HD228 Closed Back Headphones

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  • Enjoy outstanding sound on-the-go
  • Use with with iPod, iPhone, MP3 and CD players
  • Deliver stereo sound quality with amazing bass effect
  • With built-in neodymium magnets and lightweight diaphragms

Enjoy crisp and clear sound with the Sennheiser HD 228 over-the-head headphones. With built-in neodymium magnets and lightweight diaphragms, these Sennheiser headphones deliver stereo sound quality with amazing bass effect. Furthermore, the closed supraaural design blocks the background noise so that you can listen to your favorite music with detailed clarity. The Sennheiser HD 228 headphones incorporates adjustable earcups with extra soft ear pads that offer a comfortable fit, allowing you to listen to music for long. Moreover, you can use these black over-the-head headphones with iPod, iPhone, MP3 and CD players. So get these Sennheiser headphones and enjoy outstanding sound on-the-go.


Fit Design: Headband
Earpiece Design: Ear-Pad (On the Ear)
Sensitivity : 110 dB
Frequency Response: 18 Hz - 22 kHz
Impedance: 16 ohms
Color: Black
Features: Closed Back, Noise Isolation
Connectivity Type: Wired
Noise Canceling: Without Noise Cancellation
Noise Isolating: With Noise Isolating
Plug Type: 3.5 mm


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Patrick H. Sheridan
Jun 14, 2013 6:33:45 PM
These are one of the best closed back headphones i have ever heard,and a steal at this price! Bravo Sennheiser, you've done it again!
Cheech "Migs73"
Jun 14, 2013 6:33:17 PM
these headphones are awesome simply put. pump them up as high as you can take it they have great bass response threw out the volume. midrange sound is great and the highs are good but could be better. but i guess that depends where you are using them i have them connected to my laptop most times. sennheiser has always been known to make a great sounding product and they have another winner here, and the price makes it more attractive.

Pros- .SOUND threw out volume.
.great bass
.build quality
.very comfortable
.they look awesome

Cons- .although very few and minor i must still state what i think.
treble or highs= good but could be better ( again i think that depends where you are using them )
. although these headphones are loud at 110 DB, i wish they were louder like blow my ears off loud. ( but again this depends where you are using them).

I still rated the sennheiser HD 228 a 5 because they are a great sounding product, great build and very comfortable. And the price can't be beat. again 1 word, AWESOME.
Jun 14, 2013 6:32:29 PM
Wow, I am on my 5th pair of headphones, but listen, I am on my first pair of COMFORTABLE ear phones. The padding on the arch and the ear pieces is incredible. I can wear them for long sessions without really being aware I have them on. They behave like a very expensive set and were so very reasonable in price. I highly recommend them.
Jun 14, 2013 6:32:05 PM
I was looking for a new set of headphones and found these on sale. I was planning on getting a good set that was comfortable and obviously one that sounded good. I was looking at Bose, Beats, and Sennheiser products. The Bose I tried are unbelievably lightweight, good sound, but so incredibly light and comfortable. The Beats are very very heavy and have strong bass, great for hip-hop and such, however this overpowers higher notes in other songs. These Sennheisers are a great compromise between the two. Thy are light enough to forget they're on, they don't have crazy bass, however they seem to balance everything so nothing is overpowering, really a great balance. They do block some external noise which is great. Price wise they were a no brainer. The Bose I was looking at were $150, Beats are 100-150, these are usually near $100, but got them on sale for $30!!!! If you can get them for this price this is a must buy. Even at their MSRP they are priced well for what you get.
Jun 14, 2013 6:31:41 PM
I listen to audio books and music almost all day. The in-your-ear style irritate my ears. I like the outside style more. Even then, I have tried many brands. THESE are sooooo comfortable and deliver the best sound!