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Sennheiser HD800 Over-Ear Circum-Aural Dynamic Premiere Headphones

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  • Is top-of-the line audio technology
  • Provide an unmatched natural listening experience
  • Offer a frequency response range from 6Hz to 51kHz
  • Use special four-wire connections with Teflon insulation

The Sennheiser headphones offer an over-the-head design that delivers audio quality and comfort. The Sennheiser HD 800 has advanced driver technology that produces a sound quality. The headphones have a transducer that is encased with premium precision and made with stainless steel for high-performance audio delivery and durability. The Sennheiser headphones have ear pads made from high-quality Japanese alcantara for comfort. The Sennheiser HD 800 uses special four-wire connections with Teflon insulation that ensures connectivity to the user’s favorite media player. The headphones offer a frequency response range from 6 Hz to 51 kHz, nominal impedance of 300 Ohms, and a maximum output of 500 mW. The Sennheiser headphones come with a 9-foot silver-plated, oxygen-free copper cable that is Kevlar reinforced for audio reproduction. The Sennheiser HD 800 provides a listening experience that makes a user feel like he or she is hearing music live. The headphones may be comfortably worn for hours without any feelings of discomfort.

These headphones are top-of-the line audio technology at its finest. Hand assembled in Germany with top quality materials and using the largest transducers ever, these provide an unmatched natural listening experience.


Model:HD 800
Fit Design:Headband
Earpiece Design:Ear-Cup (Over the Ear)
Sensitivity:102 dB
Frequency Response:14 Hz - 44.1 kHz
Impedance:300 ohms
Features:Open Back
Connectivity Type:Wired
Noise Canceling:Without Noise Cancellation
Noise Isolating:Without Noise Isolating
Cable Length:9.84 ft
Plug Type:6.3 mm
Weight: 11.7 oz (300g)


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Jun 14, 2013 6:31:05 PM
I switched from earbuds to these a few days ago. I listen to pretty loud music, so I was a bit disappointed the first time I tried the 228...not the loudest ever. But for the price, just crank your volume a bit higher, and after a few days, they really open up. They're not cheaply-built like everyone else is suggesting, either. Yeah, they're made of plastic, which makes them outrageously light, not to mention ridiculously comfortable. I listened to them last night from midnight to 5am and essentially forgot they were on my head. For the price, if you want a pair of very comfortable phones (that I find to have GREAT sound quality, but I'm not an audio snob) at a decent price for a premium brand, get these. If they're not loud enough for you, get a headphone amp, like i did. It was like 8 dollars.
James J. Powell "
Jun 14, 2013 6:30:36 PM
These headphones are great. First I want to address the reviews that say they lack bass... Their bass is really good actually. The people who have said that either don't know how to set up an equalizer, or they've had some AWESOME headphones in the past. And guess what. THE JACK FITS AN IPHONE 1! There are a lot of headphones that don't fit the stupid recessed iPhone 1 jack(Yes, I know you could just buy one of those adaptors but it's still more convenient). I love the sleekness of these headphones also. And at first I worried about the silver plated jack instead of gold or copper. But then I found out you can't tell a difference unless you have the hearing of a bat, (the animal. not the baseball bat, lol.) so no worries. And don't worry about how it says, "optimized for portable media players", because you can still use it with your pc, I suggest just turning the preamp down maybe. I'm listening to Hallelujah by Lecrae while using these. I haven't even listened to them for 50 hours yet, so I may like them even more by then. Thanks for reading. Jesus is the way truth and the light.
Jun 14, 2013 6:29:30 PM
Pros: Very light headphones (~4 ounces). The cable is the perfect length (4.5 feet). They sound amazing, even right out of the box. The padding is great, they help cut out some (more than I'd expect, but by no means noise canceling) external noise without even turning them on. Completely comfortable for the 4 hour sessions I use them for.

Cons: They leak a bit more then expected. Not a huge thing but they leak a little more than I thought they would (NOTHING like my HD 595 though, not even close). As I stated earlier thought they kind of cut out some external noise with the padding already so from my few days of using them, I have been using them at a lower volume than I typically do just because of how much the padding blocks out.

Also, not really a con for me but, the headphone padding sit on top of the ear and they aren't the biggest headphone pads I've seen. I can see someone with an above average ear size might want skip these as they my not sit properly on the ears which would probably cause them to sound less than pair.

I had replace a pair of ear buds (Sennheiser also) because I had accidentally washed them. Had my eyes on these and the HD 238 for some time but the price was too steep for my wallet at the time. Seeing these for about $30 was an absolute steal. I can't believe how well they worked right out of the box. I use these mostly for school when working on homework assignments in the library. I also use these for my iPod when walking between classes and they're great. The leak isn't even noticeable when outdoors (from what I can tell). These do sound like a 100 dollar pair of headphones. So getting them for anything less is totally recommended. Ever since I bought a pair of HD 595 I've been strictly buying Sennheisers for my music headphone needs. Get these headphones, and get them NOW while they're cheap. You won't regret it.