Shanling M2s AK4490EQ Mini Bluetooth DSD256 HiFi Lossless Music Player

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  • Decoding chip using AK4490.
  • Op amp with MUSE8920.
  • Support DSD256 hard decoding.




ShanLing M2s, we set her a new goal - to break the past. "Make a difference to let the change come" As the design motto of M2s runs through all aspects of the whole machine, our designers and engineers hope to show their new views on the player by portraying the details of the product. Want to create a new user experience on this extra and lightweight machine, which requires that each factor be re-conceived on a traditional basis to achieve a refreshing look and an unexpected sound quality. In the design we use a double-sided 2.5D glass with all-metal integrated arc-shaped body of the combination of the front of the machine with a 3-inch Retina display, showing excellent, the overall value is even better. The new design of the wheel is still used in Japan imported ALPS potentiometer, in operation with the fuselage on the left side of the three physical buttons, each of your operations are like playing a beautiful handicrafts, smooth operation so that you put it down The Compared to the previous generation M2 length reduced by about 20%, the volume is about 70% of M2, the volume is reduced but the life is still tough, can support up to 9 hours of continuous playback, the depth of standby time has reached about 300 hours.


Screen:3-inch Retina high-definition display(480*800)
Gain selection:low gain, high gain.
D/A conversion chip:AK4490EQ
Amp chip:TPA6120
Low pass filter chip:MUSES8920
Support the specification:The highest supportDSD256,PCMThe highest support32bit/384KHz
Output power:[email protected]Ω、[email protected]Ω
Frequency response:20Hz-20kHz (-0.2dB)
Signal to noise ratio:≥ 108dB (A-weighting)
Distortion: <0.003% (A-weighting, output 500mV)
Dynamic range:≥108dB.
Output impedance: 4.8Ω
Channel separation: 70dB 32Ω
Rated output level:[email protected]Ω
Life time: >9 hours
Capacity: 1800mAH lithium battery
External storage:support to 256G TF card.
USB interface: Type-c (USB2.0)
USB Digital input:Native/Dop/D2P Output
Decoding:The highest support 384KHz.32Bit/support windows、Mac OS
Bluetooth: 4.0 supports APT-X


Glass Screen Protective Film


Top tempered glass, 98% light transmittance
9H hardness with super anti-scratch and explosion
The surface using the most high-end nano-materials processing, which makes your screen looks aleays smooth and new.




Warranty CARDS

USB cable

Card reader

Protective film*4

Customer Questions & Answers


Are you including a leather case with the M2s?    Regards

4/29/17 8:25 AM Asked.

Hi Chris,the m2s doesn't including the case.You can order m2s with case,it has discounts price.Thank you.

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What is the recomended impedance headphone for this Shanling M2s. I Have the Beyerdynamic Custom street (38 ohms) It's a good match?

5/7/17 5:32 PM Asked.

Hi Francisco,what's the Beyerdynamic earphone sensitivity?Thank you.

Was this question helpful to you?  Yes   No

This is the official data    Headphone impedance 38 ohms  Headphone frequency response 20 Hz - 20,000 Hz  Nominal sound pressure level (sensitivity) 103 dB

5/7/17 11:19 PM Asked.

Hi Francisco,the M2S can work with your Beyerdynamic earphone.Thank you.

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Can you shipping M2s to Taiwan?

5/16/17 4:50 AM Asked.

Hi 敬民,of can ship to Taiwan.Thank you.

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Does it work correctly with AKG 545 ( 97dB [email protected]/1kH)?  Thanks

6/1/17 5:56 AM Asked.

Hi mariusz,M2S can work with AKG 545.Thank you.

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Does it work correctly with Fischer Jubilate or nedd an additional amp? This is the specs  Frequency Range: 10-22000 Hz  Sensitivity: 103 dB  Impedance:165 Ohm  Maximum Power Input:300 mW  

6/19/17 11:07 AM Asked.

Hi lgnacio,please check the m2s's specs.Thank you.

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Hi,    Can you tell me the average delivery time to Europe (France) with the free shipping option ?

7/7/17 4:11 PM Asked.

Hi Do.,It will take 3-8 days via free shipping option.Thank you.

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What is the type of SD card supported? Is SDCX UHS-I/3 supoprted?

8/8/17 12:40 AM Asked.

Hi vipul,it support all of tf card.Thank you.

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