SMSL B1 Bluetooth Input Audio Receiver Decoder Bluetooth Digital

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  • Advanced bluetooth BT4.2 plan.
  • High value of stereo transmission.
  • Support APT-X-ray transmission.
  • 24 hours of continuous playback.




Advanced bluetooth BT4.2 plan;High value of stereo transmission;Output: Optical/coaxial/RCA/3.5 mm headphone port;24 hours of continuous playback;More than 10 m transmission distance;Support APT-X-ray transmission;Battery charging 2.5 hours.

B1 is SMSL exploit music bluetooth stereo receiver,support bluetooth input signal,through B1 internal circuit processing,with digital and analog output signal at the same time,the optical and coaxial digital interface,the digital output is convenient to pick up decoder or support optical/coaxial decoding power amplifier;Simulation interface has RCA and 3.5 MM headset,RCA analog output can connect power amplifier/active speaker (RCA volume regulation), 3.5mm mouth connect headsets directly to listen to;The built-in battery,can achieve 24 hours of continuous use,the end of the day music uninterrupted,and with the charging edge,should be used first charge again.

Charging time: 2.5 hours

Note:please do not frequent startup shutdown,interval between normal boot off must be more than 3 seconds.

Output:optical/coaxial/RCA/3.5mm headsets

Support APT-X transmission

Method of use:
1.The antennas installed B1 and then boot,open cell phone bluetooth,can search to SMSL BT4.2,click on the link.
2.If the phone has NFC function,open cell phone bluetooth,use B1 NFC scanning mirror NFC induction zone can be connected to the bluetooth.


Use CSR bluetooth 4.2, support APT - X transmission format.
Independent of the DAC and the ear of the independent design, let the sound quality is better;Abundant output interface easy to use on different devices.
24 hours of continuous use.
Convenience and long-distance wireless transmission.
You can use the NFC function scan bluetooth connection.
Equipped with external bluetooth antenna, the stability of the transmission distance up to 10 meters above;



Bluetooth specification:BT4.2
Output:Optical,Coaxial,RCA,3.5mm headphone port
Optical,Coaxial sampling rate:48 kHz
DAC dynamic range:95dB
RCA output level:1.8Vems
DAC SNR: 93 db
Built-in battery capacity:800mAh
Amp SNR:96dB
Last time:24 hours
DAC THD+N:0.02%
Power consumption:120 mw
Ear put THD+N:0.03%
Standby power:0.36 uW
Decoding IC:WM8524G
Machine weight:158 g
IC:Digital transmitting CS8406-CZZ
Package weight:268g
IC:Amp MAX97220A
Size:70*81*25 (mm)
Power amp @0.1% THD+N:65 mw
Accessories:Micro USB cable,Antenna

Customer Questions & Answers


how much headphone output power in 32 ohm? 200 mW?

12/29/16 4:48 PM Asked.

Hi nico,it is 32 ohm ,65 mW.Thank you.

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Hi,  is this product able to receive AAC codec?    Thank you very much,  Jérôme

2/6/17 4:18 PM Asked.

Hi BERNOS,yes,it can receive AAC codec.Thank you.

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Hi how to pair it with macbook without nfc?

8/8/17 2:48 PM Asked.

Hi Egorka,B1 can connect the macbook, B1 can be found via bluetooth search function, then a manual connectionThank you.

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Can this unit stay plugged in to power outlet all the time?

8/8/17 4:02 PM Asked.

Hi Jim,USB cable connect 5 v batteries.Thank you.

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If I connect it to a car charger and aux port, will it automatically turn on when I turn on the car?

8/8/17 8:30 PM Asked.

Hi Chard,B1 without automatic startup function, B1 have analog output can pick up car AUX. Through theRCA to 3.5 mm cable.Thank you.

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How long does it get to Romania?

8/24/17 2:08 AM Asked.

Hi crystyanul,it will take 4-9 days arrive.Thank you.

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does this unit come with power supply ? thank you

9/9/17 5:21 AM Asked.

Hi v.s.wong,yes,it come with power supply.Thank you.

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Is it normal the smsl NFC logo keep blinking every few seconds while in operation? Thanks

1/19/18 9:37 AM Asked.

Dear,yes,it normal.Thank you.

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My first contact with smsl b1 with fiio x7 was perfect. Next dat it failed. "Can't communicate with SMSL BT4.2.  HELP PLEASE

3/27/18 10:52 AM Asked.

Hi, thank you for your message.  Kindly you can check the below steps:  1.Please remove the bluetooth connecting record in your fiio X7.  2.Please you can open the B1 till power runs out, then charge the B1.  3.Try to connect them again to see if it works.  Looking forward to your update.  Thanks and best regards.  Shenzhenaudio  

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What power adapter to use for power and charging?

5/30/18 7:23 AM Asked.

Hi, the power adapter to use for power and charge is 5V.  Thanks

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