SMSL M8 USB DAC + VMV VA2 Headphone Amplifier + P1 Linear Power + W6 Cable Kit

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  • This is a high-end DAC
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*This is a High-End DAC. Users must have relevant experience.
*Before shipping, we will conduct 24-48 hours professional tests. Ensures that the DAC working perfectly, then shipping.


 P.S.: P1 Linear Power: AC Input is 190V-240V.



M8 Specifications:
1.THD + N: <0.0004%
2.Output level: 2.15 Vrms
3.Dynamic range:> 125dB
4.SNR:> 126dB
5.Channel separation:> 120dB
6.USB support: Windows, Mac OS, iOS (need purchase connector), Android4.0 or more (most models)


VA2 Specification:
20Hz to 20kHz Bandwidth, 600ohm Load, Un-Weight)
Typ THD+N: <0.0003% @ 1kHz
<0.0008% @ 20Hz to 20kHz
SNR : > 122dB
Requency Ripple : +/-0.1dB Max
Crosstalk : < -95dB @ 1kHz
High-Impedance Power: >120mW @ 600ohm , THD+N 0.0009%
>250mW @ 300ohm , THD+N 0.0012%
>580mW @ 100ohm , THD+N 0.0025%
>330mW @ 32ohm , THD+N 0.005%
Low-Impedance Power: >120mW @ 100ohm , THD+N 0.0013%
>75mW @ 32ohm , THD+N 0.0016%
Size:12 x 9.5 x 2.2 cm




P1 Specification:

P1 Linear Power: AC Input is 190V-240V.

SMSL P1 Linear power supply for the decoder and headphone amplifier development of our company. Adaptation to the M8 / V2 / VA2 / Sanskrit/SD - 793 II /SD - 192 equipment(1101017), more models, please consult customer service! In order to improve the company's decodesr and earphone amps sound quality.

Power as the source of the whole power system, linear power is excellent item for power supply in the market, recommendation! The internal transformer is the source of power for linear power supply, the power supply uses circular irrigation tape shielded transformer. So custom HiB silicon steel sheet copper wire all 15W transformer (isn't worth mentioning, the copper wire was transformer is pure copper wire, now a lot of cheap transformer using aluminum envelope)(1101017).
Good transformer, first of all, is a natural power isolator, effectively isolating power supply noise; Transformer is poweramp circuit load at the same time, the less impacting on the full spectrum of audio signals, the better.

P1 linear output power transformer alternating current (ac) through the rectifier bridge rectifier to do 3 classes filtering, 2 stages voltage regulator. Advantage is to provide high ripple rejection ratio, dc output more clean.

P1 linear power supply is for the SMSL M8 + VA2 suit or V2 models for debugging, in order to better match the M8 + VA2, (1101017) we made 2 set of output, each group is 3 classes filtering, 2 stages voltage regulator.A fixed set of DC9V output, a set of DC5/9/12v output (can be set according to the floor marking)

There are two power supply outputs :
POWER 1: fixed DC9V 600 ma output;
POWER 2: has a 12V 500mA/ 9V 600mA / 5V 600mA transferring pressure output can be chosen.

the output voltage is regulated by the bottom of the product DIP switch, please select the POWER 2 road of the output voltage charged with electricity.


1 x M8 DAC
1 x W6 Cable
1 x P1 Power Supply
1 x VA2 Headphone Amplifier


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