SMSL Panda Series Sanskrit PHA + Sanskrit LPS + Sanskrit Pro-B

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  • Electronic volume control
  • Excellent workmanship and smart on/off
  • Include Sanskrit pro-B, Sanskrit pha and Sanskrit lps
  • Supports native DSD decoding hardware solution for high-end amp suits

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P.S.: SMSL Panda Series don't support XP System!!!


SMSL Panda Series include Sanskrit pro-B(DAC), Sanskrit pha(headphone amp) and Sanskrit lps(linear power supply).

Desktop is the latest flagship audio portfolio, "Panda suit" are used in the same class design and processing technology, the same proportion of silver and black front panel, housing and the buttons are all-CNC process design, and front and rear baffles and chamfers precision counterparts are done in high level. When the whole combination, one piece of shell material energized after the resonator can be reduced to very low levels, to ensure that the "panda suit" more pure sound performance.


Electronic volume control
Excellent workmanship and smart on/off.
It supports native DSD decoding hardware solution for high-end amp suits
The newest high-end DAC headphone amplifier with classic match of black and silver color support DSD direct decoding.
It was named "Panda Set” which include Sanskrit pro-B(DAC), Sanskrit pha(headphone amp) and Sanskrit lps(linear power supply).
Preamplifier output enable to switch headphone and speaker conveniently. Adorable natural sound should be enjoyed at leisure moments.


Sanskrit pro decoder uses a combination of CM6632A USB asynchronous transmission scheme and AKM's latest audio decoder chip AK4490EQ, in addition to up to PCM 32bit / 384kHz decoding, but also to achieve the highest transmission and hardware solution native DSD128 audio. Design, Sanskrit pro uses a highly complex four-layer Immersion Gold PCB, and regardless of the cost using Vishay MELF resistors, WIMA, ELNA audio capacitors and other ultra-high-quality audio components, and strive to be performance AK4490EQ audio decoder chip, all play out, and Sanskrit pro decoder also measured the dynamic range up to 118dB. After double wooden Salim number of senior audio engineer for a long time tuning, Sanskrit pro actual sound performance is very moist, very musical, sound detail and extension are very abundant. Currently, Sanskrit pro decoder has two versions Sanskrit pro-B regular edition and with Bluetooth input, wherein SNR Sanskrit pro-B Bluetooth transmission up to 98dB, can provide high-quality listening is burning faithful conveniently experience.


Sanskrit pha headphone amplifier section is dedicated to supporting the Sanskrit pro decoder tuning headphone amplifier, but also is a stage amplifier. As with Sanskrit pro decoder supporting the flagship headphone amplifiers, each element Sanskrit pha use are the finest fine choice of sites to match, including all use of ultra-low noise coupling capacitance MELF resistors and other components, and other high-level inputs, and used three groups of ultra-low noise power supply systems, each independent of the power supply system are Sanskrit pha machine control, power amplification and volume control for independent power supply, so that no interference and crosstalk, providing a more pure sound good performance . Sanskrit pha does not use traditional physical volume control knob, but the use of hifi level electronic volume control chip -PGA2311U is Sanskrit pha for volume control, resulting when the left and right channel volume control and channel imbalance between minimize crosstalk. After double wooden Salim number of senior audio engineer for a long time tuning, Sanskrit pha sound style and Sanskrit pro same overall trend, music flavor, moist sound, rich in detail, extending adequate, either low-impedance or high impedance headphones , Sanskrit pha can be the perfect drive. In order to meet the needs of greater use of the rear end of the desktop playback device, Sanskrit pha addition to a set of RCA inputs, in addition to design all the way RCA output interface, so that Sanskrit pha as a pre-amplifier, in use by adjusting the volume control Sound output size, can be connected directly after class, or some active speakers use, eliminating the need for frequent switching user troublesome wiring.


Electricity as the sound of this, electricity is hifi blood. Sanskrit lps for Sanskrit pro decoder and Sanskrit pha exclusive headphone amplifier supporting linear power. As a "panda suit," the power section, Sanskrit lps using a high-quality toroidal transformer, and the use of high-current, LDO power supply for low noise Sanskrit pro Sanskrit pha decoder and headphone amplifier power supply, respectively, and through the patent intelligent control, to ensure perfect purity and power waveform in the power supply process. Sanskrit lps is a double wooden Sanlin specifically for "Panda suit" were equipped and well-tuned, so join Sanskrit lps for "Panda suit" show more complete performance of the overall sound as well as quieter sound at the end, the match not only does not have dynamic compression, resolution drops and other phenomena, but more can show "Panda suit" real music style.



1 x Sanskrit LPS
1 x Sanskrit PRO-B
1 x Sanskrit PHA Unit

Customer Questions & Answers

Mirco Reato
Mirco Reato

Hello, with the panda stack can i pilot my Monitor Audio Rx2?

10/2/16 8:52 AM Asked.

Hi Mirco,yes,but Monitor Audio Rx2 is passive speakers, need to add power amplifier to use.Thank you.

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Does this set comes with cables and warranty?

11/27/16 1:34 AM Asked.

Hi Baocheng,it comes with a pair of coaxial cables and 1 year warranty.Thank you.

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Any warranty extension choice?

11/27/16 10:32 AM Asked.

Hi Baocheng,Don't worry,it have 2 year warranty.After 2 year,if it have any problem,you can ship back to repair.Thank you.

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