SMSL SA-50plus MicroSD/USB/Optical/AUX 32bit / 192 kHz 50W Digital Amplifiers

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  • SA50 plus uses a set of high-end audio dedicated playback Solution, the main chip is a 3-core processor, up to 1080 MIPS processing power! Support WAVIFL ACIAPENMAMP3IAAC decoding well and audio audio capture rate is supported to the highest 32 bits 192kHz.
  • The SA50 plus uses a high-end audio dedicated playback solution. Its main chip is a 3-core processor with up to 1080 MIPS of processing power. It supports WAVIFL ACIAPENMAMP3IAAC. And the audio frequencies up to 32 192 kHz.
  • The SA50 uses the latest generation of smart amplifiers from Texas Instruments. It built-in DSP digital signal processing for better sound quality and support for high quality EQ adjustment. In addition, this smart amplifier has a smarter protection system, Including overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, overheat protection and DC protection. Protecting your speakers in all directions.
  • It has a smart screen protection feature that the user can define when the display is off.
  • It has a user upgrade feature that users can download the latest firmware and upgrade itself.

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SA-50 Plus's main advantages.Built-in multiple high and low sound adjustment and SDB adjustment.External input with AUX and Optical. Excellent materials and workmanship.Large brand high specification capacitor, high quality red core inductor, gold plated fiberglass board Easy to use and more cost effective.

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