SMSL SA-60 60WPC TPA3116 Class D Digital Amplifier HiFi Air Core Inductance Desktop Amplifier

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  • Design for desktop Hi-Fi system
  • MCU control, easy to understand
  • 360-degree rotating electronic volume control
  • Support RCA input jack and 3.5mm headphone jack input


The SA-60 is an Class-D amplifier especially design for desktop Hi-Fi system.

SA-60 has passed reliability tests. Constant temperature and humidity testing (temperature: 0-45 ℃; Humidity: 80%; Time: All 4H).

SA-60 is based on Texas Instruments (Texas Instruments) TPA3116 as the core, using the EPCOS · Panasonic · nichicon · TI · AV accessories and other high fever, refined, high-quality digital amplifier. Advanced aluminum enclosure, drawing oxidation process, laser engraving screen printing and other processes. The use of the materials adhere to the double wooden Salim electronic usual style, "" absolutely original · absolutely authentic.

About Volume Control :
The volume use the rotary encoder to control the volume, Rotate Clockwise to increase
volume, Anticlockwise to decrease.
If the SA-60 work as a pure amplifier, just turn the volume to MAX.
The SA-60 has the memory for the volume, and it will limit to a fixed value if the volume is too
high when start up.

About LED :

The LED Up:
RED+GREEN Power ON + Loudness ON

The LED Down:
RED 3.5mm input
Green RCA input

About output :
The SA-60 use the BTL connection way. So the “Speaker-“ terminal cannot swap or
connect to the amplifier housing.



A. Support 2 inputs, RCA input jack and 3.5mm headphone jack input.

Flexible and easy to connect a variety of the latest audio equipment, computers, cell phones, players, etc.; Input with memory function, human-computer science design. A multi-function machines to use.


B. MCU control, easy to understand.

Easy operation and human-computer science feature set, more suitable for modern habits and personal safety protection. MCU will be based on the working status of the machine, real-time monitoring, always protected.


C. 360-degree rotating electronic volume control.

Boot volume settings can prevent excessive damage to the startup sound a horn or damage to personal safety, to prevent noise, imbalance and other undesirable phenomena caused by poor contact potentiometer.



Output Power: 55W + 55W (8 OHM @ 10%THD+N)
THD+N : <0.1%
SNR: >100dB
Crosstalk: <-100dB (1KHz)
Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20kHz (-3dB)
Max Gain: 37.5dB
Power: DC18V – 24V
Speaker Impedance:3 OHM – 16 OHM
Dimension: 148 * 97 * 32 mm
Weight: 1kg




SA-60 Amplifier * 1
User Manual * 1
Power Supply * 1

Customer Questions & Answers


Does this include the power adapter (shown in the last picture)?  Thanks.

11/5/14 2:44 AM Asked.

Yes, it include Power Adapter. Thanks

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If you don't mind my asking, what is the voltage and amperage of the power adapter?  Thanks again.

11/5/14 3:19 AM Asked.

The Voltage and Amperage are: 19V / 5.3 A. Thanks  

Was this question helpful to you?  Yes   No

IS posible the express shipping by DHL,UPS or others?

11/10/14 7:34 PM Asked.

Yes, it is posible to use DHL, UPS (more expensive), FedEx, EMS, our Special Line etc. P.S. only when the parcel over 2kg, can we choose the above express. However, cause the SA-60 less than 2 kg, so you have to add price difference. Thanks.

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ola, qual a potencia RMS por canal a 4ohms (é compatível?), obrigado

11/26/14 9:09 AM Asked.

Sim, ele pode suportar a potência RMS por canal em 4 ohms. Obrigado. / Yes, it can support the RMS power per channel into 4ohms. Thanks.    

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How does this sound compared to smsl sa-36a pro? with the same chip family is it just the same sound with greater power?

11/26/14 9:02 PM Asked.

The BASS of SA-60 is better than SA-36A Pro. Thanks.

Was this question helpful to you?  Yes   No

Hi,  Does it works in France with this power adapter,and the shipping is it free to france?  Thank you and sorry for my english!!!

11/27/14 11:00 AM Asked.

Yes, it can work with this pwoer adapter in France. Also, it is free shipping to Worldwide. Thank.

Was this question helpful to you?  Yes   No

Hi,  This Digital Amplifier doesn't exist on the website of SMSL.  Is it the right name?  Thank you

11/27/14 11:16 AM Asked.

Yes, SMSL SA-60 is the right name. You can check in this link: . Thanks.

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hello, how much extra cost would it be to send out the SMSL SA-60 amplifier with DHL service up to Europe and how to add this extra cost during checkout process? also, does that standard "free shipping" option that is included come with a tracking number? thanks

12/2/14 3:14 AM Asked.

Yes, "free shipping"will come with tracking number. Please let me know where do you come frome, so that i can calculate shipping fee of DHL for you. If you need DHL shipping, please advice your paypal address and make order in my store. Then i will send you paypal invoice of price difference ship by DHL. When you make payment, will ship it to you asap. Thanks

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Bonjour, combien de temps faut il compter pour un envoi pour la france ?  Merci d'avance.

12/3/14 12:38 AM Asked.

Il vous en coûtera environ 7-20 jours ouvrables. Merci. // It will cost about 7-20 working days. Thanks.      

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Hi! Do this amp has a loudness option? How to turn it on?? Is it really making difference?

12/19/14 1:32 AM Asked.

Yes, it have a loudness option, it is Volume Control. You can press the Volume Control. Then the sounds will be difference. Thanks.  

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