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SMSL sApVI HiFi Stereo Headphone Amplifier + Power Adapter

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  • Power adapter has passed the safety test
  • Special designe for computer, DVD, HD Player and MP3
  • For computer DVD HD player, MP3 and other equipments
  • Use the aluminum material and CNC high precision machining

SAp VI power adapter has passed the safety test. High voltage AC3750V/5ma/60S test.
SAp VI distribution AC110V or AC240V linear power supply, please note the power supply voltage, otherwise the default delivery AC240V.
SAp VI is for computer DVD HD player, MP3 and other equipment that for the output power is too small can not play the earpiece performance designed products, improve the power as far as possible the property of earphone.
SAp VI shell using the aluminum material, CNC high precision machining, drawing oxidation treatment.

SAp VI material  :

All are used in Japan Nichicon have a fever of electrolytic capacitor

All small capacitors are used in Japan muRata capacitor

all resistance with American DALE standard resistance have a fever

All chips are used imported chip

using air power outlets

Standard 3.5mm input / output interface
The input frequency: 96KHZ/16/24BIT
SNR:¡Ý 92dB ( A weight )
distortion: < 0.01 ( 10mW )
The frequency response ( -0.3db ): 10-70KHz
The power output: 32 ¦¸ Po=200mW 1KHz THD+N 1%
headphone adapter impedance: 16 ¦¸-300 ¦¸
The machine volume: 188*73*25mm ( including protruding parts)
weight: 0.6Kg ( actual weight carriage outside packing structure. )

A sAp VI unit
A power adapter


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Beardsley Birmingham
Jun 19, 2013 12:19:47 PM
The amplifier is connected to my laptop and provides decent quality sound and clean amplification for my media center PC. The tone control functionality seems to work ok, but distorts the audio when you adjust the tone. Most of the time, I keep the setting on direct.
In short, i sounds nice!